Got my new Liz C. today...Pics!!

  1. My Liz Claiborne Handheld Shopper arrived today and she is gorgeous:yahoo::heart:. The leather is SUPER, SUPER SOFT AND SQUISHY I can not believe Liz has this leather! I wish you all could feel it:wlae:! Here are some pics, hope I do this right, its my first post with 'real' pics.:wlae:
    SSPX0032.jpg SSPX0033.jpg SSPX0034.jpg SSPX0035.jpg SSPX0036.jpg
  2. Cute! Enjoy....
  3. Beautiful bag..I love the shape.
  4. this is a liz? wow, it's cute. mind if i ask you how much?
  5. Don't mind a bit, it was only $178.
  6. thanks, she is really cute. does it come in any other color?
  7. Gorgeous bag, enjoy.
  8. Yes, it comes in three other colors I believe. You can go to the Liz website and see the names of the colors, unfortunately they don't have pictures of it in the other colors. It is the Broadway Shopper.
  9. thanks so much purse! i'm going to check it out now.......
  10. Let me know what you think, after feeling this one I am seriously considering getting another one in a different color.
  11. Nice size, colour, and shape! Enjoy!
  12. Great bag! It looks really comfy and the leather looks lovely.
  13. it looks lovely!
    thanks for sharing pictures with us!

    Where did you get it? How much?
  14. purse, i am getting the camel color. if you are getting another one, use coupon code LIZSTYLE for 10% and if you are a member of fatwallet you get 8% back. sorry if you already know that.......
    THANK YOU SO MUCH, i love the bag, i can't wait to get it!
  15. Hi Ten, I got it from Dillards for $178:tup: