Got my NEW Keepall 50" with strap!

  1. I went to Saks today and picked up a new Keepall 50" with strap. One thing I noticed when I came home was the vachetta was starting to darken already. Is this normal? I don't mind because it's a bag I plan to use a lot (I travel for my job). I just have a thing for paying full price for used bags. Everything else looks OK but the leather had me wondering:hrmm:

    For those of you that order from elux is there plastic on the handles? That would be an indication that you didn't just buy a bag that someone used and returned.

    It's made in France (not that it matters cause my Speedy 25 was made in the U.S.) and I sent my tag out to be heat stamped (they don't do it there). She says it will be mailed to my home in a week or so.

    Interesting story...while I was there a lady came in with her 30 Speedy upset. See had spilled water in the bag and the leather trim had begun to crack. The SA told her that there was nothing that could prevent further damage to the bag (she had already used some leather products). She looked CRUSHED. They did say she could have the leather replaced...for a fee:cool: Has anyone had this done? I wonder how much it is to replace.

    For this reason I am definately going to waterproof my Keepall. I know this thing is going to take a beating so I want to protect it before I start using it.
  2. congrats on your new bag. and thanks for the waterproofing tips.:yes:
  3. I think it's okay if the leather's already starting to darken. When I bought my Trotteur it was already sitting in the store for 3 years!!! (bought it in 2005 and date code says made in 2002) So although it's brand new, the leather already had a slight patina to it, but I don't mind cuz it's going to darken anyhow...anyhoo congrats on your keepall+strap!!! :biggrin:
  4. That's what I figured. And I have already decided that my next bag will be the Duomo. I absolutely LOVE that bag!:heart: :heart:
  5. It could be pretty substantial to replace the leather on a speedy, especially if they want the piping done as well (at that point, you might as well get a new speedy).

    Congrats on your purchase !
  6. Congratulations! I love the Keepall, what do you think of the size?
  7. I have the same one and you'll love it!! Congrats.
  8. Congrats! I heard that it's around $150 to replace the handles on the Speedy. But I'm not sure because I've never had it done before.
  9. Congratulations on your new bag, enjoy!
  10. Thanks! The size is PERFECT! The 45 was to small and the 55 was to big....the 50 was just right. It goes great with my garment bag.
  11. I am glad to have found this thread. I am in the process of considering a keepall and what size and the 50 w/strap is my top contender.:smile:
  12. Hi Jazz,
    I had all the leather replaced on my Speedy 25 recently.
    It cost me $300, however I was quoted much more than that.
    I'd suggest that if you ever do this you only replace the handles and the lapels...not the this is what makes the repair alot more costly.

    It was well worth it though as my Speedy looks brand new!
  13. The 50 is a great size. It's also why I went with the keepall instead of the carryall. The carry all was just to small but I did like the studs on the feet and the side pockets.
  14. Oh I am glad you made up for that aweful eBay crap and got yourself the real deal!!! You go girl!
  15. hey Jazz congrats on your new KEEPALL!