Got my new Ipod classic!!~

  1. yeay!! i'm so happy i was supposed to get the ipod on a later date but it arrived today!!!~ :yahoo: It's real slim and cute but i kind of like the shinyness of the black on the old ipods better. this one is like a matte color so it looks like it'll get easily scratched. Ok i'm gonna go load my new ipod with all my music now. :tup:
  2. Congrats!
    I love my Ipod, They are great !
  3. congrats!!
    The touch isn't out, isit?
  4. no not yet. :push: I ordered a touch ipod too but they said it won't ship out until the 28th of this month. So for now I am settling on the new ipod classic that came out.
  5. Congrats!!

    I have 3 different types of Ipods.
  6. congrats! I need a new
  7. I got an iPod classic 80GB in black yesterday. Actually, the finish will be less prone to scratches because it is similar to the alum shell of the Mini. I havw Gen 5 "Video" iPod, and it's shiny finish is def more prone to scratches.
  8. Here's a piccie of the new iPod classic, next to my MacBook:
  9. i'm actually REALLY happy the back is matte, so thanks for mentioning that. i hate having cases on it because it adds so much bulk to an already bulky 80gb. hmm. i think a new ipod may be in my future?
  10. I'm tired of cases, as well. I spent a good deal of money on Agent 18, Orbino, and Coach cases, and they all lay unused. I'm glad the Classic has scratch-resistant finish.

    Here's my happy iPod family (minus my 2nd gen Product Red nano, can't find it at the moment). The Classic's shell is the closet to my 2nd gen mini, and my most scratch prone iPod, the 1st gen nano is in the middle. It doesn't have a ton of scratches because I barely use it.
  11. Yaay congrats!

    Once I buy an iPod a new version always irritates me.. but I'm still getting the iTouch :drool:
  12. I just pre-ordered a 160 gig iPod for my husband. He is a typical guy and needs the latest gadgets the day they come out. I have an iPod mini with 6 gig that has ALL of my stuff on it and still it's only 1/2 full. :p
  13. Another reason to get you to buy more! I find it exciting. I can almost always guess when a new iPod release on the horizon though, because the new releases follow a generally predictable pattern. I've wanted a new iPod since July, but held off because I knew there would be new releases for the holiday season.

    The iPod touch is a pretty sweet piece of tech, but I'm waiting for next refinement. :yes:
  14. Congrats!
  15. THERE'S A 160?! :nuts:

    *hyperventilates and does a happy dance*