Got my new Fall Expandable Tote today!!!!

  1. I'll post pictures in a little bit, but I got my fall expandable tote in Black today. I'm in :heart: with it. So light and easy to wear. Nordstrom Mall of America has a white one on the shelf right now - otherwise, they're getting more of the black ones in soon.
  2. Woohoo, congrats!! :yahoo: Can't wait to see your pics!
  3. Oh my pics please from all angles, um um is it the same one as the red? I cant wait to see pics. Ok im nutts lol Forgot to say Congrats!!!!!! you are the first one!!!!!!!!
  4. Congrats please post pics, I'd love to see how this one expands!!!
  5. it's downright CRUEL when people post threads like this without pictures -- please put us out of our misery! oh and CONGRATS!
  6. This is the same as the red one. At the trunk show I went to, the straps weren't threaded through the side loops.

    Style # A36060Y01669 Retails $2295

    Strap drop is about 12" - love this fact - I can wear it over my winter coat!

    The bag is about 14.5" long by 11.5" high. It tapers slightly - when it's zipped up, the side measures about 3-1/8" at the top to about 3-5/8" at the bottom. When unzipped, it goes to almost 6" at the bottom.

  7. UGH..I was JUST talkin to my SA about this..she only got black and white in.....Im so impatient for the brown and red...WAHHHHHHHH!
  8. crap..I know Im gonna have to have this in 2 colors now...ROFL....U ENABLER!
  9. ^LOL - I think I want it in the RED now too!!!
  10. That's a great bag Marlo. I love the way it expands. Are you in trouble with your PHH yet?:nuts:
  11. WOW, gorgeous! Thanks so much for the side views! It really helps! I love this! I can't wait to see this in brown and red also.
  12. What a great looking bag.....and I love the zipper details.....this bag is gorgeous!!!!!! Congrats!!!!! :tup:
  13. Im down for both red and brown..Im DYIN of impatience to get it..I also made my SA PROMISE NOT to let me buy a black bag..Since I have way too many Black Chanels..UGH..Now I flippin want this one too..heehee

    **Jill wipes drool off keyboard**
  14. also..My sa told me if u dont string the straps thru the sides..Its messenger length?Is that true?
  15. Mon, the LV hasn't gotten here yet - YIKES! I'm going to have to do some fast talking because I want to keep both!

    Jill, you really can't unthread the straps through the loops. I'll take pics later. So not sure what you're SA is talking about?:shrugs: