Got my new Damier pochette!! *Pics inside*

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  1. I got my new Damier pochette in the mail last Friday. I would've posted sooner but me and my boyfriend went to Boston for the weekend. I am soo glad that I got this bag before we left because it was so easy to carry around the city unlike my Speedy. I'm so happy that I finally have a Damier piece! I just love it. Here are some pics...
    I loooove the interior color...
    With all my stuff in it
    It all fits pretty cozily (is that a word?)
    All my shtuffs

    And my small collection (started in August '06)

    I'm pretty surprised at how much I can fit in it. I usually only use big bags because I carry a lot of stuff normally but I went for a smaller one for just quick trips or going into the city or whatever. I thought I might regret it but I'm actually really happy that I got it. I love it!! :love:
  2. WoW, it holds all that? :nuts:
    Congrats Nicole!
  3. Yeah "wow" was my reaction too. lol I guess it has to do with how you place everything in it. It takes mad skillz :wlae:
  4. yes I agree..the pochette does hold a lot! I too was surprised with how much it can hold!!! congrats!!!
  5. great purchase :biggrin:
  6. thank you thank you thank youuu
  7. So darn CUTE!!:love:
  8. It's so pretty!!! I can't wait to get one!!
  9. Congrats on the cute purchase!

    Is that a Porte Valeurs I see? :nuts:
  10. Why yes it is! I love it more than any zip up or button wallet I've ever had because it's so easy to get in and out of. Plus, it's purrrty. :yes:
  11. aw, very nice damier piece! and nice collection you have going there!
  12. Gorgeous buy, congrats!
  13. Congrats!! I kinda want this one too but I'm not sure if I need another Damier pochette...
  14. WOW--you fit a lot of stuff in there! Love it! Congrats:yahoo:
  15. very nice, now you need to get a damier cles!!