Got my new clay shoulder bag....

  1. And I was in SHOCK!! The catalog is wrong - that was not a clay shoulder bag with the whiskey and citron! The clay is definitely a gray color - not a deep brown!! So, which color do you think is the dark brown???:confused1:

    If someone could tell me how to post pics on here, I'll try to take some this afternoon while DD is napping. I haven't played around w/ it yet to see if I like the actual bag... still shocked by the color!
  2. oh i can't wait to see! you can attach them by pressing "Go advanced" . . . i think
  3. Oooh i can't wait to see pics!!!
  4. OKay - now I'm going to cry - I REALLY wanted that dark brown color. I called coach, and the guys said that he's guessing what happened is that they changed the dye color after the photo shoot - he doesn't think that there will be one in that dark brown color...
  5. I'm sorry to hear that. :tdown: You should call back and talk to another person and see what they say. Sometimes different phone reps at Coach have different stories.

    As far as pictures go, if you click Go Advanced there's a little paper clip icon on the toolbar. Click that and then a popup box will appear and will prompt you to upload pics.
  6. I am sorry that you are disappointed in the clay color shoulder bag. I for one do want to purchase a grey bag so I am happy that the clay color is really clay which is grey. Yippeee!
  7. ooh wow!

    Maybe after the shock wears off, you will like the Clay color?... I can't wait to see your pictures now since we really don't know what the color looks like.

    I hope you can enjoy your bag - or maybe exchange it for one you love. :yes:
  8. I kind of expected clay to be gray and I'm glad it is. Sorry you're disappointed though. I can't wait to see your pics. I agree with the others, maybe the color will grow on you?

  9. Why don't you try the bag out. Put your stuff inside and see how you like the feel of it. If you don't truly love the color you can exchange it for another color
    that would suit you or return it. I do think that it will be made in brown eventually just like the original shoulder bag was, but that probably won't happen until 2008.
  10. i'm sorry it's not what you expected. maybe you can try another bag?
    i was hoping clay would be gray.
    omg i want to see it now, could you post pics when you get a chance?
  11. Okay ladies I will try and post pics now...

    I think I"ll return or exchange for something else - the color is pretty, but I think I'd get more use out of something else - KWIM?? I will try to do those pictures now!!!
  12. If you are not 100% happy - return it! :tup:
  13. i cant wait to see the pics.
  14. I'm sorry the color wasn't what you expected! :sad: Did you return it, or are you still deciding if you like the color or not? :shrugs:
  15. How does this happen? Haven't there been multiple instances where the end product has either been slightly different in style or color from a catalogue pic? That seems really irresponsible. Perhaps they should make up their minds on the final production product before running it in a catalogue for order!