got my new cassandra today!

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  1. the leather is AMAZING! nothing like i've ever felt on a kooba before; she's soft and luxurious and smooshy and can be carried either as a shoulderbag or cross body...i really like it a lot...some cross body bags look weird, like the bag is too "short" and under the arm, but this one falls just right...would highly recommend it!!!! (maybe one day when i figure out how to post pictures, i'll post it!)
  2. Yes! Pics please!
  3. am asking dh to help me out with it tomorrow...wish me luck!!!!
  4. I'd like to see that one, too. Sounds wonderful.
  5. congrats!! :biggrin:
  6. congrats! cant wait to see pics!
  7. still trying to figure out how to post pics...(i only have a master's degree...think i need a ph.d. for this!!!)
  8. We're all anxiously awaiting pics. Would love to see what it looks like worn as a cross body. Will check back tomorrow.
  9. ciatta, will have dh help me post tomorrow p.m....keep fingers crossed!!!!