Got my new Carly today!!!!

  1. I exchanged the chocolate one for the khaki/beet. I am thrilled, as I love this combination of color!!! After she arrived this morning, I went to Woodbury outlet and found the wallet. I originally picked up a khaki/gold one, figuring that it was neutral. But the SAs all said to get this one--the reds don't exactly match, but it's close enough, and with a little use, the red on the wallet will probably darken. I love it, and couldn't be happier!!!
  2. Oh I love the khaki beet carly! And I have the smaller version of that wallet and LOVE it... Mine looks a little darker red than yours though, so maybe it will darken.
  3. Congrats on your goodies! Enjoy!
  4. Wow. That's nice. Love both of them. :drool:
  5. The khaki/beet is gorgeous! And congrats on the outlet find... Woodbury's had some great stuff lately. Enjoy :tup:
  6. I have the same Carly and think it's so pretty! I, too, bought some of the red/khaki accessories (mini skinny, a wristlet and small wallet). They don't match exactly but I think I'm the only one that notices :p
    Enjoy your Carly!!
  7. I love it!!! Congrats!
  8. Very pretty. I just love the Khaki/Beet. Go figure - see my avatar!
  9. What a gorgeous bag and a great find at the outlet. I need to find myself a Carly but I need to decide on a color. I think this one might be on the list now. :yes:
  10. Love the combo - great find
  11. Beautiful :tup: I love the Carly and I love the khaki.beet combo.. the wallet looks great with it!!! :yes: How about some modeling pics!? :graucho:
  12. I love the khaki/beet!!!! Congrats on that and your new wallet to match! :woohoo:
  13. Gorgeous carly and wallet!! The red is stunning!

    How much did you find the wallet for at the outlet?

    I totally need to buy a new wallet but every time I go to the outlet to find a large wallet they are all $200! So not really a great deal.
  14. Congrats! I love the set.
  15. The wallet was around $120! Woodbury has a ton of wallets, all in the clearance area. They had the envelope wallets, the checkbook wallets, and the mini wallets, all in signature in khaki/brown, khaki/red, and khaki/gold; tons of skinnies, zip arounds, etc.. There were lots!