Got my new bag today!!! It's a.........(PICS)!!

  1. Epi Montainge Sac in Black!!!!!

    OMFG!!!! I LOVE this bag. I mean, I know I've said I love bags before...but this bag is to DIE for!!! It's the perfect size, fits everything, and the black with the silver hardware is just so hot!!!! I am in love, this time I really mean it!!

    If this came in more colors, I'd buy every one!!

    Enjoy the pics:



    And on the shoulder with the included shoulder strap:

  2. Wow!! Gorgeous!! Congrats!!
  3. Nice :nuts: :drool:
  4. very nice, hadn't seen this bag before, congrats!
  5. Looks good on ya Traci!
  6. Hi.. Wonder how much this baby can hold if is not too much to ask :nuts: Thanks :heart:
  7. Congratulations.
  8. yay! another epi montaigne lover! it looks so hawt! congrats traci!
  9. can i ask what the price on this bag is?
  10. The price is $1390.

    It's 12"x8.7" x 5.2.

    It holds wallet, agenda, wapity, mini pochette, cles, phone in inside pocket, and sunglass case!!

    Thanks everyone!!
  11. it IS amazing! congrats!
  12. Also, I just went to the Nordstrom Pre-sale for the Anniversary sale and got the most heavenly pair of BCBG boot black leather with little silver buckles on the sides. OMG, with this bag!!!!! I cannot wait for fall now!!

    Did I just say that? LOL!!!
  13. Congrats! So gorgeous! Can this fit a lot?
  14. Stunning! Congrats, she looks amazing on you!

  15. Thanks Traci :heart: