Got my nails done today. Just something fun.

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  1. So while I was waiting for my dog to be groomed, I went down the block to get a pedi and a mani. I saw a picture somewhere and I always want to do this on my next visit. It took them 2.5 hrs and two people working on it. Good it wasn't so busy this morning.


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  2. cute!!!!👍👏😃
  3. :smile:
  4. Wow 2.5 hours, how could you be so patient haha! But you will enjoy it even more now I guess, never saw something like it before!! :smile:
  5. Fancy! :smile:
  6. I love this 👌 wish my nails were long enough to get this done looks amazing
  7. Cute!!!
  8. Very cute!
  9. Wow!!
  10. Pretty!!!!
  11. So cute!!
  12. So cute!
  13. Wow, they are so detailed. I like them! Did you do Gel nail or acrylic?
  14. Cute!!!
  15. ;)