Got My Multi Function Wallet in Chocolate

  1. [​IMG]
  2. LOVE it! To the top of my list!
  3. gee ash !

    you scored another beauty!
  4. like to match your accessories? it! very nice collection there!
  5. matchy matchy!
  6. Congrats, I really like that.
  7. Oh yay congratulations.
  8. Congrats! I want all of the Carly goodies! They're beautiful, you lucky girl! :yahoo:

    The picture is a bit cut off on my computer, is the third item in the picture a wristlet?
  9. okay, THAT is freaking adorable!
  10. Super cute!
  11. beautiful!
  12. :drool:
    Too cute!!
  13. Too pretty...
  14. Adorable!! :drool: :drool: I love each of your pieces. So pretty. :yes:
  15. The more I look at this Carly the more I am wanting it. I love all of your accessories as well!