Got my Mono Speedy 35 today! Question for LV experts! Help, please!

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  1. Hi ladies! I just got my first ever LV purse delivered by the Fed Ex man. I tore into the box like lightning! LOL

    I have a question...why did I just spend all this money on a French luxury house item, only to see the tag on the side of the purse says Made In USA??? What's up with this? :wtf:

  2. LV is manufactured in several different locations. The methods and quality are the same. I have LVs made here in the US, in France and in Spain. They are all excellently made.
  3. Thank you! I was scared for a minute! I didn't know WHAT to think!!! *sighing a big sigh of relief*
  4. Congrats!!!Don't worry if your LV made in USA..most of mine are made in USA
  5. Congrat's on a wonderful purchase.
  6. congrats
  7. Thank you! I cannot believe I spent this much money on a purse! LOL Yikes!!! But, I already FEEL different just carrying it around the house!!! Tee hee!
  8. Congratulations! 2 of my bags are made in usa. It's becoming more common to find made in usa here. Enjoy your bag! Show us some pics!!
  9. Enjoy your new bag! :smile:
  10. Yes, all the factories are upheld to the same standards and regulations to the original one in France. The materials are all from the same source as well. Even though they are the same quality, I still have this thing with preferring "made in France" versions. Next time you can ask 1-800 vuitton to locate you a France bag if you care, although it might be more difficult especially with newer styles.
  11. Congrats on the purse! You shouldn't worried about the tag made in USA, the factories have the standards as the one in France!
  12. congrats!! enjoyy ittt
  13. Made in France or Made in USA it's the same bag at the end!:yes:

  14. congrats on the speedy 35...what a lovely size!! not to worry...I have items made in spain, usa and france..I've also seen some limited ones made in italy!
  15. My mono speedy & my MC speedy are both made in the USA. I felt the same way at first...but now I don't care too much!