Got my MONI MONI Splendor bag yesterday...need more bag advice?

  1. Hi everyone. :sad:
    I received my MONI MONI Splendor yesterday in BLACK and I was so excited because I thought it was going to be THE bag for me. After reading all the posts here of folks who love theirs, I was so excited to get mine. I am thinking it is going to have to go back, pronto. The leather is incredible and super soft, and I know they are all handmade so the sizes vary, but the description states 14-15 inches wide and mine is 17 inches wide and 11 high! Oh Yay! I got one of the GIANT ones! At 5'4 115 lbs, the bag looks like a huge soggy lump on me. It hangs with no shape or style. I tried putting all my stuff in it and it all just fell into the middle and hung like a wet bag. My husband looked at me and said "What the H&*L is THAT?" LOL!

    Oh well. I love the bags that have the shoulder strap option, but can't deal with this one. Does anyone have any suggestions on a mid-size bag under $500 that is either a shoulder bag, or has a shoulder strap option?
  2. So sorry you're disappointed with the Splendor...everything you described about it is true and the very reasons I love mine! LOL!!! The bag is totally unstructured for sure and not for everyone. Have you looked at any of the Hayden Harnett bags? Some of them are more structured. Good luck!
  3. How is the leather on the HH bags? Is it high quality and really soft? I don't like stiff or shiny leather. I have never seen an HH IRL.
  4. From my experience, the leather on the saddle Suki and new style Black Havana Hobo is awesome. High quality and soft like butter :tup:
  5. Sorry to hear that! I had no idea there are two different sizes of Splendors? Mine is definitely a medium sized's about the size of a 9 x 12 notebook, maybe just a teeny bit bigger (I can put the notebook inside but can't zip the bag closed).

    The HH Pallenburg duffel is almost identical to the Splendor. I think the leather is a little more structured so it's not as soggy looking, but I've never felt it, so I don't know how soft it is. The leather on the 3 HH bags I do have is TDF soft, though.
  6. I wish I'd received the bigger one that you got! Oh well...Look at the Hayden Harnett Havana Hobo. The leather varies with the color but all are soft and yummy. I have three and I love them all! They should be having a Thanksgiving sale soon! Sorry you don't love your Splendor.
  7. So there is only one size of this bag? The pic I've seen with Paris Hilton makes it look HUGE and unattractive but I love all the other pics I've seen. I'm confused!
  8. can you post a modeling pic?

  9. oh, sorry. I would have but already packed it up with the prepaid UPS label and dropped it at the UPS Store.

    By the way, if none of you have ever purchased from, that is a class-act company! They package a bar of yummy smelling soap in the box as your free gift, and also pack your bag in beautiful blue tissue paper with a glod seal. They also enclose a prepaid UPS return label in case you need to return. I WILL buy from them again.
    ...I see they have HH; maybe I will check one out!
  10. Sorry to hear that your Moni bag didn't work out. I always wondered why the bag that Paris was photographed with looked so big compared to all the others. It does seem strange that some of the bags are made so large - I mean, I can see differences in the stitching, leather, hardware, etc., but not the size. You'd think they have a standard mold or pattern that they use to cut all the leathers. I have a Moni in caramel and I use it all the time - it's my weekend, run around bag. The one I'm not afraid to bang around and set down in my shopping cart or even on the dressing room floor when I try on clothes! The leather on my bag is about 3x as soft as it was when I first got it. My only complaint about the bag is that I notice that the tubing or filler (or whatever they use to form the handles) is starting to separate at the base and the leather is starting to flatten out a bit. I've been using the shoulder strap a little more since I noticed that happening.
  11. Aww, that sucks that it didn't work out for you. I'm glad you posted this, though, because I was seriously considering buying an MM Splendor bag from (great price!), but now I don't really think I will take the plunge because I'm quite small too (even the Botkier medium bianca looks big on me!). Good luck finding a replacement bag, though!
  12. Keep in mind that the larger bag isn't that common. Most of the Moni Splendor bags are about the same size, and they're not that overly big - I'd say around the same size as a Balenciaga City bag but maybe a little deeper.