Got my money back-thank you all,and esp. to


Dec 17, 2009

3 months ago,I came across to this website and desperately asking for help on how to get my money back.
I bought a LV bag off ebay for 526 pounds ($800), found it to be fake:graucho:,seller is uncontactable and did not reply to my messages.Paypal asked for the written statement of non-authenticity of which I paid "my poupette" for but never got the letter.Paypal closed my claim and I ended up claiming it from my credit company as a last resort. However,the said statement was still required,I was stressed and did not know where to get it from..I was losing hope I will ever get my money back..and then I stumbled on this website...and I'm glad I did!:biggrin:

Most of you directed me to this lady called Carol Ives, who owns the company called "CarolDiva".At first I was apprehensive due to my previous experiences of fraud,but thought I will give it a try, and soo glad I did! Carol is so nice and very sympathetic..and yes,she is superfast she did an extremely convincing letter/statement of non-authenticity the very next day after sending photos of the bag for authentication- even if I only paid for 7 days waiting (she must really felt my pain of being defrauded!-thanks Carol!). She is soo amazing that she even helped me get through mypoupette to get my refund by giving me their contact email addresses that I can try to contact!!

Thanks to you guys, and a BIG THANK YOU to CAROL IVES (, I finally got my money back!!!:yahoo: Also just recently,my poupette finally refunded my fee.:yahoo:

Again, just would like to say thank you, and to all of you who are defrauded online and needing written statement of non-authenticity, I highly recommend Carol is the best!!!:biggrin:


Aug 15, 2007
Conroe, Texas
Glad everything was settled. I used Caroldiva on a handbag that I purchased, just to make sure it was "authentic"..which it was. She is outstanding at helping to authenticate. I'm also happy that you were refunded the money from mypoupette. I had a bad experience with them also, in which I was refunded.


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Mar 7, 2006
Wow, I really thought that mypoupette was more reliable that this! Soooo happy that it worked out for you! :yahoo:


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Aug 10, 2008
New York
thank you for your post and for let me at least know that mypoupette is not to be trusted.

i am glad you got your money back from the seller and from mypoupette , (i was scammed too, and i was able to get my money back also.)