got my mini AC, slight problem

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  1. My Anna Corinna mini tote arrived today. I love it, it's so cute, and the leather is fantastic...except there is a dent in the leather in one spot. I tried taking a picture, but it doesn't show up very well. It looks like someone pressed a fingernail into the leather.

    I got it from Revolve, so I'm sure they would send me a new one. But since it's not that major, I don't want to deal with returning and waiting for a new one. Anyone have a suggestion on how to get rid of it?

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  2. did you try rubbing some leather moisturizer on the spot? when I received a bulga bag from revolve, it had a few fingernail marks on it as well. i used the moisturizer from lovinmybags and the nailprint disappeared. GL!
  3. I also have an ac mini and that blemish is completely unacceptable IMHO. I don't know where you purchased it from but the ac customer service people are so very nice and helpful that I'll bet if you let them know, they would replace it for you. I absolutely LOVE my mini and it is a workhorse. I hope you get this straightened out so that your experience is as positive as mine! Good luck!!
  4. I just got my kit from Lovin' My Bags :P

    Before I read the responses, I did try the conditioner from Apple Garde, and now Lovin' My Bags. It is better, but still there. You're right, cgsprings, my bag should be blemish free, but I just can't deal with standing in line at the post office. So I'm going to say my bag has character.
  5. Well, I can understand how you feel. Since you want to keep it, may I suggest that, since both sides are exactly the same, you wear it with the nail indent side against your body and the blemish-free side out for the world to see. Enjoy!
  6. good idea! I just sprayed it with Applegarde rain and stain repellent, so it's mine now. It really is a great bag ;)
  7. Eek, I would totally return it with that mark! I got my AC mini tote from Revolve as well, and it did not have any marks on it. But it sounds like you were able to fix it, I probably would not have been as accepting. :smile:
  8. I think I just didn't mind as much since I could turn the bag around.

    But I did e-mail Revolve to let them know, and I got a response that they would be happy to do an exchange, or if I keep this one, I can get another 10% off, for a total of 40% off (with new customer coupon). I chose that option :yahoo:

    I love Revolve! :heart: