Got my metallic black 226 and dark silver 224!

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  1. it finally arrived after all this anticipation. :smile:
    I'm in LOVE with the black metallic. :heart:
    will post pics once i find my camera usb cord!
  2. :yahoo: I knew you would love it! The bag looks so different IRL. Congrats and looking forward to your pics.
  3. pics please :drool:
  4. Wow sweetsparkle! Congrats! Please do some modelling pics of the 224 for me.. I've never seen a 224 before.
  5. hurry up and find that camera!:cutesy:
  6. ^for sure! We're all waiting!
  7. Pics please!! Fascinated with the 224... :nuts:
  8. I promise! I don't know where my usb cord is. I am going to order one tonight and then hopefully have pics up by Friday or Saturday! Btw, I love the 224 size. I can wear it messenger style :yes:
  9. ohhh congrats....:yahoo::heart: cant wait for the pics hun...
  10. wow, congrats! anticipating the modeling pics...
  11. congrats!can't wait for the pics:smile:
  12. Congrats on a major level...WOW!!! nice additions to your collection. Yes, we want pictures!!!:yahoo:
  13. I'm dying to see pics!
  14. congrats!!!!!! ack, I'm dying to see pics!!!

    sorry about the usb cord though, i hate when i lose my camera accessories!
  15. Congrats sweetsparkle! Can't wait to see the pics!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.