Got my matching wallet for my signature scarf ergo hippie!!

  1. So, I loved this wallet when I saw this in the drilldown but didn't think I could get it. I ended up with credit though so nabbed it up! I love it! And it goes with my hippie!

    Adorable outside:

    Yummy pink inside:

    With my hippie! They match!!
  2. Very cute!! I love that pink!!
    BTW.....I want that heart!!....cute-ness!!!
  3. ooh it is beautiful! It is so nice and compact, but it seems like it will hold a lot and be really functional as well. I love that set!
  4. so pretty!!!! i LOVE how pink it is IRL
  5. Oh my gosh! I love it all!
  6. Wow! What a beautiful combination! :drool:
  7. AWESOME!!! I love finding stuff I don't think I will be able to get. YAY!!!!!!!!
  8. Beautiful!! I love the touches of pink against the khaki and brown, stunning!
  9. That is an adorable set!!! Congrats!!
  10. the pink is so pretty *_*
  11. wow they're really beautiful set:tup:
  12. Suh-weeeeeet! Very cool. I was contemplating trying to get this. I think I'll have to pass for now but I love it! You look SO coordinated :smile:
  13. now i'm drooling over this, we're enabling each other!!!!! ahhhhh :drool:
  14. ^^ LOL! Yep, you need this!! It's gorgeous! And can actually be used with lots of other bags too! And the compact clutch is the best ever wallet design!
  15. I have the bleecker compact clutch in black, and if I already didn't have that i probably would have bought this one :sad: oh well we still got a pretty kick-booty purse!!!!