Got my marshmallow Vernis Reade today!

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  1. ahhh, it's a good day. I wasn't too sure about this but it fits a lot more than I expected and such a pretty color :love: Thankfully it's gorgeous here today and I can carry it around. So excited!

  2. Congrats!!!! For what occasion are you going to use it or is it an everyday bag? Looks soo pretty!
  3. As much as I can and as long as the weather is good, I'll carry it. It's not dressy at all but the cutest thing. Plus I've never seen anyone around with one which makes it nice too.
  4. Oh yes, completely understand! Does it have an open top?
  5. That was the one I saw on eBay! Did you do a best offer with the seller? I love marshmallow, such a pretty color :love: Congrats! My silver reade came yesterday, but the no one was home to sign for the package so it's at the post office.
  6. Christina you must RUN to get it then!!! Yup I bought it from ebay and she sold it to me for starting bid. I feel VERY lucky. It's basically brand new, not a mark or stain on it. I bet you'll love yours too!
  7. Congrats!!! I really like the color. I'm glad you can carry it in good weather today.
  8. Yes, open tote with zipper pocket on the side.

  9. Congrats! LOVELY color! I love Vernis LV. I have the Tompkins Square in Bronze. Enjoy your new bag!
  10. Congrats! It's a lovely bag, perfect for spring/summer!
  11. Wow! Congrats!
  12. I have this bag and it fits so much stuff, but the only thing with the vernis is that from some angles the bag ends up looking "bumpy" after a couple of uses. i notice that with all my vernis stuff...Is there anything i can to stop that from happening?
  13. Do you mean near the top? Mine is slightly like that but I think it just happens from putting items in it and the vernis trying to bend to conform?
  14. No, its just not as smooth as it was when i first got it.
  15. Oh I don't know then, sorry I can't help.
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