Got my Marigold Twiggy

  1. I got it. So pretty:yahoo:It's night time so I can't take picture. Attached is from BalNY. The actual color is a little bit brighter and less orangy. The leather is so thick and smooshy! All I can say is it's beyond my expectation. Must have!
    marigold twiggy 1.jpg marigold twiggy 2.jpg
  2. Hi hon! (Thanks for the lovely PM, BTW!!!) Your Twiggy is soo gorgeous! Congratulations on the gorgeous leather and beautiful color, it looks very very smooshy and touchable! Love it!
  3. Congrats! It looks lovely!
  4. Gorgeous! I got the last one Bal
    NY had with RH. It's on it's way.
  5. wow that's the first one i've seen so far! congrats!
  6. Congrats!! I really love the color.
  7. beautiful twiggy!!! love the juane! i wonder how it looks like in the city! thank you very much for sharing! :tup::heart:
  8. congrats again! i am totally in love with jaune in the twiggy style. it is a must-have. she looks so gorgeous!
  9. Congrats on your juicy Jaune twiggy-she's gorgeous!
  10. I love marigold sooooooooo much...i'm waiting for the First.

    But, Twiggy is sooo cute as well:tup:

  11. That's really elegant. Please take your own photos that show us the real colour and post them soon. If it is just a bit more yellow than these look, it sounds great!
  12. FABULOUS!!!
    That colour is perfect for A/W.
  13. So cute! I love Jaune in the twiggy! :smile:
  14. Congratulations! It's great to hear that all this seasons leather seems to be yummy. Can't wait to see your photos!