Got my Lockit finally! =D

  1. Hi, before I dozz off..just wanna share my joy..(I've been staying up all night making up my mind which bag to go for...zzzZ)
    I got my Monogram Lockit Horizontal today..yeay!!:yahoo:

    Am quite surprised that tho the in the pic the bag seems Very's actually not that much.. Yeah big..but not that "ridiculously" big as to use it as an everyday bag..
    Actually, I almost got the Popincourt Haut but changed my mind lat the last minute..:lol: It's cute..but something about the way the strap look doesn't seems appeal to my eyes..

    And yeah, since you ladies have been "enticing" me with you cute wapity, I just can't help but add a MC Wapity noir since I haven't got one...:graucho:
    So here they are...
    IMG_1625.jpg IMG_1633.jpg IMG_1632.jpg
  2. :nuts: CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:LOVE it!!!:love: :love: :love:
  3. awww this is a lovely bag ! :smile:

    and yea, it's not that big at all!

    Just responded to your PM by the way!
  5. I love the bag but I'm drooling over your Wapity. I think I may be picking up the exact one you have this weekend. The Black MC is the only version I love.

  6. Gorgeous, the Wapity is extra-cute :love:
  7. I love it.
  8. Congrats! It's a beautiful bag! :yahoo:
  9. It's beautiful :love:
  10. YAY!! Congrats! Love it love it love it. This is still on my want list. :nuts:
  11. Lovely bag! Does it fit over the shoulder?
  12. Yeah, for the wapity! Your lockit is gorgeous as well! Congrats!
  13. beautiful bag, and fun wapity !
  14. Great purchase, Congrat's

  15. Congrats! :yahoo: Both are gorgeous!