Got my little something red today :)

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  1. So after feeling the loss of a red Kusama bag, I decided on the red key fob and I couldn't be happier! It's exactly what I needed :smile:
    image-2400989787.jpg image-3340518128.jpg
  2. Yay love the red congratulations
  3. Its a lovely pop of colour :smile:
  4. Lovely new addition! I like how it looks on your Monogram Speedy! Congratulations!
  5. I love it. I'm going to get a K keychain next month at the LA meet up. ;)
  6. Congrats...
  7. Love that key charm... Beautiful :smile:
  8. yay, red is fabulous!! Congrast... :smile:
  9. Thank you! I think it's much better on the plain mono than the blue :smile:
  10. Yes, definitely agree. Your blue speedy is a work of art and doesn't need anymore accents to it.
  11. I like it on the mono, very pretty
  12. Good point! Glad you think so too!
  13. Omg! You made it to topanga today? Did u see any blue cosmetics by chance :heart: great find my friend!
  14. Love the red! Congrats!
  15. Yes I made it there today! And, yes I saw the blue cosmetic bag :smile: