Got My Limelight!

  1. After almost a month of waiting for it to arrive in store, it has finally made its appearance. Limelight Clutch in Perle. :p
    limelight.JPG limelight_1a.JPG
  2. congrats! love love love that bag!
  3. congrats! i'm sure the wait was worth it!
  4. Thanks! Longest I've ever waited on an ordered piece.
  5. love it! congrats!
  6. stunning! congrats!
  7. :woot:. Congrats!!! I really want that purse!!!!
  8. I love my limelight it's gorgeous congrats
  9. COngratulations!
  10. Love It!!!
  11. congrats on your limelight! i want one too.
  12. hi eugene! you finally got the clutch! :woohoo:
  13. Congratulations!!!
  14. congrats, the limelight is awesome! hehe doesnt it suck that australia is so late with everythin, you were lucky you got one at pearth.
  15. it's gorgeous, congrats!