Got my Lenas! ***does happy dance*** :) thanks for your help yall!

  1. After calling every Off Fifth in California (wow does customer service vary alot between stores) I found both black and honey Lena's at Desert Hills.:yahoo: Even better, I got one at an additional %50 off for Saks buy one get one half off sale!!

    Now I will be stalking the poor UPS guy all week! :smile:

    Thanks everyone for your earlier suggestions as to where to hunt for these bags! I really appreciate it! :smile:

    Ill post pics when they arrive.

    p.s. Anyone with a black Lena,would you mind posting pics of yours for me? I havent seen one in person yet. Will you show yours off for me?
  2. Yay!! Congratulations! I have the Sloane in Bark and am now thinking abt Lena. She looks like a perfect size! You must post pics when they come---good job "pounding the pavement" !!

  3. Hi Heidi, congrats on those Lenas at such a great price!

    I had a black one, which has now gone to a better home, here she is:

  4. Gosh that black Lena is so purty :love::love:
  5. I cant wait to get them. I know the Lena isnt for everyone but I have always been drawn to the shape and style. I like that it looks both casual and ladylike at the same time. Should be a perfect everyday bag for me.

    Thanks for the pic of your black Lena, its scrumptious!
  6. I agree about the Lena and you got me on the Lena bandwagon so I was calling a bunch of Off5th's but didn't find a black one! So enjoy!! My Sloane should tide me over!

  7. Congrats what a great deal! I love my loden suede Lena (bought on sale at Saks last winter) & I've been carrying her a lot this fall. She's the perfect size & very comfy on the shoulder.
  8. Congratulations! Great deal too....I'm quite sure you will love them both. Please post pics when they arrive!
  9. Hi Heidi..congrats on your purchases. One much were the bags at off5th? I have a new black Lena I want to sell on CL but I'm wondering if I'll be able to recoup most if not all of what I paid for it at the SS earlier this year. It's a beautiful bag but I think I need something even bigger. TIA!
  10. Hi Bride-what is CL? I would love a black Lena-I have one in straw but black would be perfect!
  11. hi alberta mommy. CL= craigs list. I was going to list it locally in nyc and have the buyer pick up in person.