Got my Legacy Signature Flap today!

  1. :yahoo: YAY! :yahoo:

    Got this beautiful little number off eBay for a whopping $135. The bag is PERFECT....AND...I can finally stop b*tching about not having an ebony legacy hang tag for my Legacy shoulder bag...I can swap it from this one! heheh

    soooo glad I went for this bag! It actually fits quite comfortably over my shoulder (without a jacket on of course)...gonna be perfect for spring nights out!

    (ok - really, I'm not pregnant...not sure why I'm looking so thick in the middle here...)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] (<-- doesn't this just make you smile?)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    and here is one happy girl! (pardon the towel hanging on the shower rod! heheh)

  2. congrats its beautifuL!!!!!!
  3. It looks great on you, dewey! Congrats on getting such a great deal, too. I love my bag like this and I've been itching to get it out, I've just been waiting for it to warm up a little. It looks a lot bigger on me, though, because I am so damn short. :push:

  4. hmm...ok HONESTLY you think I'm too big for this size bag?

    I don't wanna be all "fat man in a little coat"* know?

    *($5 to anyone who can name what movie that's from...)
  5. That'd be TOMMY BOY!!

    Dewey, that purse does not look too small for you WHATSOEVER. I'm not just saying that, either. I'd tell you if I thought that. I truly think it looks fabulous on you.

    I just went back to look at your photos, too, to make sure. It really looks nice, especially for spring and summer. :yes:
  6. Dewey, just so you can see how pathetically short I am, and why I said what I said, I took a photo of myself wearing the bag. I am freakishly short. Quite honestly, it looks normal on YOU, not on me.

    Oh, and I almost puked when I saw my face in this photo. I just got back from tanning (okay, no lectures!) so I have no make-up on. Seriously, I looked like I died three days ago so I cropped that nastiness out.

  7. ahhh! i love it! you got it fast! and you don't look pregnant (but I know from other boards you're trying - good luck)

    great eBay steal!

    and no, it's not too small on you. only bags that are too small on most people are the tiny little demis, unless your a size 2 or in jr high (no flames, just my two cents)
  8. Funny you should say that about the tanning booth, I went to the dermatologist today, I had to have some suspicious growths removed and got lectured about all my tanning and going to the tanning booth....I had to be honest on my medicial survey didn't I ..
    By the way I love the bag on you and you are not too short, I am 5'2 and I think you look great.
  9. Great bag at a fabulous price. :smile: Enjoy it!!
  10. it looks GREAT on you!! congrats!! carry it with pride ;)
  11. I love it!! It looks fab on you! Congrats, what a buy It fits you perfectly.
  12. Isn't it wonderful when you get a purse at a fabulous price and it looks great on you? Perfect combo and you look great.
  13. great bag & it looks fabulous!
  14. Not at all, it looks great on you! You got a sweet deal too.
  15. Bag looks great on you! :smile:
    is the quote from Tommy Boy?