Got my Josephine PM from Let-Trade!


Oct 30, 2006
Hi all,

I thought I would share my joy, I received my Josephine PM in Cherry yesterday from Let-Trade and I love the color and style. It is so cute. I am wearing it today with a black outfit so it really stands out.

I bought it used for a very good price so it does show some minor wear. There are no stains, it is just a little dingy near the leather. Overall though I am very pleased.

One thing though, I was a little disappointed in the packaging. No box or dustbag, just sent folded up in an large shipping envelope. I knew it wouldn't come with a dust bag, but a plain box would have been nice. It took a little while to regain its shape.

Will share pics when I get my digital camera to connect to my computer. Is there something I can buy to do this? (My printer which used to download my pics is broken :sad: ).
First off, congrats on the josephine! I didn't get a dustbag, either, but it's okay. You should try to get a usb cord (I think that's what it's called???) that is compatible with your digi cam (although I'm not sure what kind of camera you have).