Got my J12 w/ secret diamond bezel see pics

  1. Hello ladies, so I finally got my J12:yahoo: , my boyfriend helped me get it at 15%-20% off list with NO TAX:tup:. But there is secret, I originally wanted the j12 with diamond bezel but at $9.5k its just way to much just for a watch, i can buy 5 bags with that kind of money. Anyways, so my choice was to get the diamond marker j12 since thats a little more affordable and reasonable. But since my boyfriend is in the jewerly business, he did some research for me. Later he then asks, "if you had a choice would you get the diamond markers or diamond bezel?" And I was like, "the bezel of course!" So after some research he was able to get the j12 with diamonds on the bezel for less than half the cost. So heres the secret(not sure if this has been done here before) but my boyfriend bought the basic j12 with no diamonds. But ended up bringing this home for me. What do you ladies think?
    DSCN3674 35.JPG DSCN3675 35.JPG DSCN3678 35.JPG DSCN3679 35.JPG
  2. Wow, that's really beautiful! So what you're saying is he bought the plain J12 and had the diamonds added on his own? I'm not following your secret.
  3. if he did, than damnn, that's a good job because it looks perfect! i love the customization!
  4. Congratulations! It's so stunning! But I get lost too, do you mean the bezel is not original???
  5. My friend did the same thing! She bought the plain one and then blinged it out through a wholesale jewelry place at Apparel Mart in Atlanta! :tup:

    Anyway, yours looks gorgeous! Love it!
  6. exactly!!!

    Thanks for the complements.

    The factory original diamond j12 model #H0967 is just a plain one with diamond bezel and of course the original will always be better, but $10k just because of the bezel is a lot of not saying its not worth it, just a lot of money. The bezel is custom made out of white gold and diamonds are VS quality stones. We had them make it just like the original but with bigger diamonds and it came out pretty close. I tired to get a shot of all the sparkles but couldnt get the right angle.

    Diamonds on the bezel make such a HUGE difference its crazy. And for the price you cant complain, looks like a 10k watch now;). Ladies if you want this put on your watch let me know, my BF has the hook ups.
  7. :nuts::drool::heart: That is so pretty!!! Absolutely stunning!!!

    I WANT ONE TOO~ :hysteric:
  8. That's a nice watch, but I would never wear a diamond.
  9. It's beautiful, congrats :drool:
  10. Wow! Very well done! If you don't mind me asking, how much did it cost to get the diamond bezel put on at the wholesale jeweler?

    I would love a J12 with diamond bezel, but I agree the price is just too much.
  11. Congrats & enjoy. =)
  12. so pretty!!!!
  13. Congrats n' enjoy!!!
  14. That's amazing ... how much did it cost to have the diamond bezel put on?
  15. It gorgeous, and what a clever idea.