Got my invite to the preview of the remodeled Chanel Boutique in Beverly Hills...

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  1. :yahoo:
  2. Wow~~How exciting!
    Will you be able to take pics? Can't wait to see!
  3. Don't know about the taking of pictures....have to see.
    It is on August 14 th, 12 noon - 5 pm.

    The invites states they have exclusive items just for the reopening....hmmmm?????
  4. Congrats! Have a fantastic time and be sure to report back with lots of details!
  5. Can you scan the invite? and post?

    There is a bag I'm dying to see that I've heard is on the invite.
  6. I will scan and post - but no bags on this just the Chanel flower....sorry.
  7. Here is the invite. White paper stock with Chanel in black lettering. Covered by transparent overlay with flower design.

    Not a great scan I had to play with various settings to get the flower design to show up....very pale on the overlay.
  8. Trying this again...accidentally posted a Escada blouse, the first time and removed it...hehehe.
  9. Unfortunately, I won't be able to go. :sad: Please post details of the preview. I'll experience it vicariously through you. I'm so excited that the remodeled boutique is finally re-opening. The temporary one was so tiny.
    Have fun there next week!

    -Stephanie (pond23)

  10. Rats!! Would have been fun to meet you. I agree the temp was tiny but yet I somehow liked the cozy feeling.

    I am going to try to stay out of trouble...:p
  11. I know! It would have been a great opportunity to meet you. :smile:

    I give you permission to get in a little bit of trouble, so that I can drool over the gorgeous photos. :tup:

    Have fun! Full details please.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  12. Agh! I just bought a bag from the BH store why didn't I get an invite??? :crybaby:

  13. Exclusive items....:drool:
  14. I'm going to the reopening too! I wonder what it will be like??
  15. How does one get to go to the reopening? I shop there and know SA's and I didn't get an invite.