Got my Ink Box - Don't love it :(

  1. Its REALLY REALLY veiny and quite thin, not thick and smooshy like I'm hearing you all say. Here is a pic. I think she's going back to Barneys. When the SA said it had "character lines" - I didn't think he meant deep furrows!!!:P

  2. I afraid Im going to have to agree with you on that one. It seems super shiny too. Dont give up you'll find the percect one!
  3. I don't mind veiny, but superthin leather would be a deal-breaker for me. The first time I saw Bbags in a store, I couldn't figure out why people loved them so much, because the two they had on the rack were highly distressed and almost paper-thin. I'm a little rough on my bags, so I would be afraid I'd tear it.
  4. Booo...don't you just hate when that happens :rolleyes: It's OK - you will find the perfect bag soon!!! :cutesy:
  5. Ohhh, don't give up! I have to agree with you, that one looks pretty crispy :Push: There's lots of smoosh out there to love though! I know you will find your perfect bag soon :flowers:
  6. oh nooooooooooooooooooooo, i'm sorry you don't love your new ink box lori-girl :crybaby:...i'd ship her back to "Barney's" for a refund if it's not :heart:...lemme know if you wanna try another color & i'll keep my eyes out for you!!! :search:
  7. I was at Barneys BH a couple of weeks ago and they had an Ink box and it was soooo veiny and thin. They did have a few in the back and brought out 4 of them. My daughter bought a really nice one. It didnt compare to the others, hers is really beautiful compared to the others they had. I would return it. Heres hoping the 07 leather has been improved upon.
  8. Yeah... it looks a little veiny and thin. Definitely send it back if you aren't completely satisfied with it. There's much better inks out there!
  9. thanks everyone - its going back - already boxed her back up - veins and all, lol! I think too that I'm going to have to find a City to try on. The box while I love the shape, when its on the shoulder, tips over - not a good look. So back to the drawing board!