Got my Honey Wisteria Spy she a keeper?

  1. Hi....I had a chocolate spy,but I love Wisteria...luckily my friend bought a wisteria in Italy while she had her honeymoon there.But she fell in love with my chocolate spy..So we traded...both of us are happy....:yes: Yike...thinking about buying a wisteria at a spy are some pics I took by using photobooth of my imac(cant wait till Dh home).Is she a keeper?:shame:
    Photo 82.jpg Photo 83.jpg Photo 84.jpg
  2. Very pretty
  3. Is she a keeper?! Do you even have to ask!!! OF COURSE!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the Wisteria SPY!!! Keep it and enjoy it!!!:love:
  4. Yes she is a keeper!!! You got it at a steal!
  5. I love the Wisteria for that extra pizzaz coming from the ruffle detailing.
  6. It's a beauty!!! I just started my collection with a baby spy, so I hope to get a spy bag one day...
  7. Definitely a KEEPER! She is lovely and what a deal!!! Your friend is quite generous to trade at no extra costs to you
  8. You should DEFINITELY KEEP IT. It's boooooooootiful. :whistle:
  9. It's definitely a keeper! Congrats!
  10. The Wisteria is my favorite, beautiful bag!!!
  11. the spy is so pretty, congrats!
  12. Gorgeous--I love it!
  13. very nice
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