Got my heart...but terrible service! Sorry..long!

  1. So, after reading the thread I started yday and talking to Disney4us I decided to buy the mc heart. I drove 30 miles through pouring rain and traffic and got to LV Ala Moana. None of the SAs that helped me before were available and I ended up with an older woman who spoke very little Elnglish. Anyway, I told her I came to pick up my heart on hold and she went to the back to get it. 5 minutes later she came back and said she couldn't find it. I spelled my name for her again and she went back. 5 minutes later she comes back again and tells me there is nothing back there. I explained that they called me yesterday and were going to hold my heart coin purse until the 8th and that she NEEDED to find it (I was ready to call for a manager at this point). So she leaves again then comes back and asks, "Is it a heart?" and I'm like "Yah!" and she explains that they hold those in a different area and left again to look for it.

    Anyway, finally comes back with my mc heart. I tried it on with a denim bag and it looked great so that's what I am saving for next. When I held it in my hand I coldn't believe that I almost passed it up. I am almost positive that Ala Moana is going to get anymore because none of the hearts or flat pouches were on display anymore (no Sophies for that matter either) so I guess this was my one chance to get a piece of any kind of heart.

    When I got home I took the box out of the paper bag, folded the paper bag up and hid them both in my BH (my husband had to stay home and babysit my little girl today). When I got in the house and put my bag down my 1 year old daughter walked straight to my BH pulled the brown box out and handed it to my husband. I WAS BUSTED!!!!! The good news is that my 1 year old daughter has impeccable taste and can sniff out luxury goods better than anyone.

    I'll post pix later.

  2. i'm glad you got it. sorry it was not a great experience and can't wait to see it!:yahoo:
  3. Congrats!!!
  4. ur daughter so lovely......hahhaaaa
  5. Congrats on the MC heart! Sorry for the horrible SA service.
  6. LOL, that sounds so cute of your daughter to do that, but not so good for you though. :roflmfao: I know what you mean, because I had a similar experience with a friend at Gucci. Her SA called her to come pick up a wallet she had ordered, but when we got there her SA was nowhere to be found. So we asked another SA and he was completely clueless :confused1: for a good 10 minutes until her SA finally came out from the back. Sometimes SAs only know about their own stuff. lol.

    Anyways Congrats on your heart coin purse, can't wait to see pics! :nuts:
  7. Here's the little princess (LV magnet). Guess how loud I yelled to stop her from having it as a snack!
  8. :yahoo: OMGosh that is too funny. Can't wait to see pic's.

  9. she is adorable!!!:cutesy: she must get away with murder--how can you be upset with that cutie!?:shrugs:
  10. Congrats...your little girl sounds so cute!
  11. Sounds like my typical LV experience. SAs who speak very little English... ugh.
  12. Oh your baby girl is so cute!
  13. Too cute!
  14. Omg, your daughter is gorgeous and the MC heart is so beautiful..what an amazing pair! hehe.

    See, as soon as you look into her little face, all frustrations of idiotic SA's fade clear away. :love:
  15. glad you got your heart! your baby is so cute!