Got my H fix today!

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  1. Hey, you know those days when you go hit the boutique because you have an "itch" you need to scratch???

    I had one of those days today, so I went in and bugged my SA for about an hour, desperately searching for the right thing to make my day. I wanted to get a keyholder, but of course, they didn't have one I wanted. I was salivating over the thought of an exotic one. That will have to wait, (sigh).

    So...they had a gorgeous brown leather tailored-looking blazer, super thin and super soft, and about 3 sizes too small for me! Of course it was the only one and two seasons old, they said.'s what I got.
  2. Well now...does that mean hypotheses associated with my "take it slow" theory are officially rejected??? LOL...let's see inside the boxes!!! : )
  3. Hee hee hee! Totally!

    It's so weird though. I can't see who's in the forums! Is it just me? There's nobody listed at the bottom.
  4. Now this is a scarf that I love! Gorgeous, classic colors!!! Does it have a name??? Not that I need to know...I am taking it slow...LOL...
  5. oh beautiful!!! congrats!!

    i think that feature is gone...

  6. Thanks, socal! Yes, it does, I think. I'll take a looksie.
  7. It says "Vif Argent."

    Dunno what it means. Live money??? ha ha ha. The horse looks kinda like a reindeer until you take a good look at it.
  8. It's so silly. When I tried it on in the store and looked in the mirror, I did a double-take.

    It had that "slap you in the face" effect of elegance! Not that I don't ever feel elegant - I totally try to incorporate that in my everyday attire, it makes me feel great - but it was dramatic.
  9. LOL...


    Principal Translations:vif(alerte)adjactive (animated) Additional Translations:vifadjready (vigilant)vifadjlive (lively)vifadjloudvifadjfriskyvifadjbrilliantvif(alerte)adjmerry (brisk)vif(brusque)adjsnappy (crisp)vif(eau, rivière)adjliving (water)vif(éclatant)adjbright (vivid)vif(énergique)adjbrisk (energetic)vif(intense)adjexquisite (sharp)vif(lumière, couleur (vive))adjbright (light, colour)vif(profond)adjacute (deep)vif(rapide)adjsnappy (brisk)vif(rapide leste) GBadjnippy
  10. It literally translates to lively silver, or "quicksilver" aka mercury, which was those silvery globs are.
  11. Your scarf is beautiful. I want the same one but in orange. But the gold stands out so beautifully! Congrats on the purchases, the are both lovely.