Got my Gryson!

  1. It's finally here! :love: My Gryson Skye! The shipping took couple days longer than I expected, and the waiting was torture! but it was worth it. I got the military, and I love the color. It's more of a olive/mossy green, and the trim is brown. The bag looks more brown indoors. I think it's a very neutral color and will go with everything. The size is perfect, and actually holds quite a bit. I'm posting a couple of pics that I hope do it justice.
    gryson2.jpg gryson3.jpg gryson4.jpg gryson1.jpg
  2. That is beautiful! Love the color.
  3. what a great looking bag, missmary!! congratulations!!
  4. ooh that is so cute and looks great on you! I am still waiting on my black skye but hope to have it by friday. You are right, waiting is torture!
  5. Congrats on your new Gryson!

    I love it and it looks awesome on you!
  6. I can't wait to get my military olivia. By all accounts, it will be too big, but I think the skye is too small for me (looks great on you, though). It's about the same as a balenciaga classique, right?
  7. I think it might be a little smaller, but it's wider... and the sides will unsnap to hold more, but the shape isn't as cute that way... I'm very happy with the size of this bag. The Olivia would have been too big for me!
  8. Looks great! I love how you can carry it different ways.
  9. Beautiful! Love the color; looks great on you! It truly is a versatile color.
  10. WOW! thats such a great bag! Love it! looks great on you!!!!!!
  11. Congrats, where did you get it?

    ANyone know how to get hold of them in the UK?
  12. I ordered mine through I was able to get 20% off (with the toutie code) and free shipping. I've seen the bag on several other websites... I'm sure it can be shipped to the UK by one of the sites.
  13. got the olivia! gorgeous. And girls, I must say, those huge measurements must be with the sides un-snapped. It's def. not bigger than stella with them SNAPPED closed. Bag is a bit heavy, though. Not as bad as the stam, but still....

    Dang, you'd think that being a woman, she'd know better.
  14. great color!!
  15. it's sooo cute :yahoo: congrats and treasure it!