Got my Gryson - Question about the zippers

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  1. Ok - so I got my Gryson today. It looks authentic to me. Leather is nice throughout (a little thicker & "pebbly" than I thought, but nice). But here's the thing...I was at Nordstrom's tonight. They recently got in the new line of Gryson bags (saw the Blue Jean BTW - NICE!!). They had a couple of Oliva's including one in black. These had silver hardware, however, which I know they changed for spring (the bag I bought has brass hardware). I checked the bag over and it looks exactly like mine, except....

    My main zipper is a Lampo as well as the front pocket. The inner zipper is blank. The bags at Nordstroms, all had riri zippers - both inside & out. Also, as several people noted from the picture of the bag I bought, the woven handles on my bag are a bit stretched out. Not too bad, but definitely stretched. They also "creak" when you hold the bag by the handles. I've read that there were several issues about the handles on some of the earlier bags and that the company addressed them, and fixed the issues. I noticed that the handles on all the bags at Nordstroms were a little bit more secure & tight than mine are. I'm guessing this could be one of the issues that was fixed.

    I need to know if anyone who has a bag w/brass hardware can tell me if their zippers are Lampo or riri, and if their inner zipper is also blank.

    I hope I didn't get another fake bag. I will scream! That will definitely put an end to my ebay buying days (I've already been the victim of a fake Balenciaga (2 yrs ago - money refunded), a fake Bulga (1 yr ago - lost my money on that one), & a questionable Kooba (recent - still unresolved). I don't think I could stand it if another bag was fake. I've had much more good luck on ebay than bad, but I don't think I can take another disappointment right now.

    Please - someone give me some good news!
  2. Oh yea - while I'm not concerned about it (becuz I've seen pics of other linings), the linings of the new bags are all different too. Black now has Ivory, the Blue Jean has a blue suede, the chocolate has a greyish color, and I think white has a burgundy color (I could mistaken there). I know that all the linings used to be grey, and that's what my bag has.
  3. I have the Gryson Skye and the pulls all say "Gryson" - inside and out. Are you talking about the pulls saying "Lambo," or the little thingie at the start of the zipper? (I see something written there, but can't read what it says. Old eyes here:smile:). Mine is the white with brown leather handles and trim. The lining is a brown suede and the hardware is brass. Not sure if this helps. I got mine from Bergdorf Goodman about 6 mos. ago. Does anyone have a new style who could help her? I wouldn't think they had changed the pulls from saying Gryson, but I might be wrong and the newest ones out could not have Gryson on them!? (Notice that is a question, because I haven't seen the latest ones.) Oh, and both sides of all zippers, including the inside zipped pocket, say Gryson.
  4. the "squeak" in your handles is actually a sign of vegetable tanned leathers. It is really a good thing, even if it bugs you a little bit. Veg tanned leathers are really nice.
  5. The name of the zipper is actually on the bottom part of the actual zipper (not the pull). It's on the part that faces the inside of the bag. You'd have the open the zipper & look underneath. My pulls all say Gryson and look just like the ones I've seen.

    I bought a gently used bag that was used for one season, so I'm guessing this was bought at least 6 mos ago (if not longer).
  6. OK, I've got the Tate and Skye with Brass hardware. All say Gryson inside and out on the pulls. On My Tate all the zippers are Riri(even inside pocket). On the Skye all of the zippers are Lampo...and The back of the inside zipper (you have to turn the zipper inside out almost to see it, right) does say something that I think is Lampo. It's also hard to see.

    I just took a pic of it and it magnified it. Yes, it says Lampo. My Skye is from last Spring I think. Or was it last Winter. I'm confused on when I bought what. I can't say for sure whether this signifies a fake bag. Maybe you can contact Gryson. My handles also creak a little.

  7. The brass zippers on my Grysons are just as you describe. It says lampo on the outer zippers and is blank on the smaller one, inside on the zip pocket. These bags are all from their fall 2006 line. Interestingly, my first Gryson had the creaking handles, my second one did not, and my newest does. They look identical, just "sound" different. I know that the Gryson Spring line came from a different manufacturer than the fall bags. Maybe that explains the differences you see in the handles and zippers. By the way, the handles on my first bag (military Skye) did stretch out some. The later bags, from their Holiday line, did not. I think they probably addressed this issue after it became apparent that there was a concern.

    It sounds likely that your new bag is an authentic Olivia from their first manufacturing run. I think you will love it. I know I adore mine! Congrats on a wonderful find.
  8. Whew! Thanx Lexie and Romeo! That's a relief to hear. The bag is really, really nice and I like it a lot. The outside of the bag is nearly flawless with no obvious signs of wear whatsoever. The inside has the stain as she described and is a little dirty, but nothing too major. I can probably just clean it up a little w/a suede brush.

    One thing about the lining. I know that Lexie described how the lining appeared to be tacked down and was nice and tight. Well, I don't know if it's becuz when she listed this bag & photographed it she pulled the lining out to get a better picture, or if it's because the bag has been used so much, but the lining of the bag I got is definitely much looser than you described. It's not bad - I smoothed it out a little & I'm sure as I stuff it, it will smooth out even more. But it does appear that the more you use the bag, the more the lining stretches.

    BTW Romeo, with the stretching & creaking of the handles, were you less likely to carry the bag by the handles & use the shoulder strap? They seem secure enough to me (and obviously, the previous owner carried the bag by the handles a lot, otherwise they wouldn't be so stretched out!). I just don't want the handles to break if the bag is a little bit heavy with "stuff."

    I would agree that since Gryson changed manufacturers for their spring line that it would explain the difference in the brand of zippers used. I had thought that maybe when they changed to silver, that maybe they decided on riri zippers instead of lampo (I think riri are a little bit better zippers, esp on the heavier bags - coincidently, that's what MJ uses most of the time!). It is a little odd that the Skye would have a lampo zipper inside, while the Olivia's don't.

    Thanks again. I can finally enjoy my bag & carry it confidently!
  9. I'm really a shoulder strap kind of gal, so that's what I use most of the time, on any bag, if its an option. I don't think the creaking indicates any weakness. If the strap were going to break it would likely come loose from where it is attached to the brass ring.

    Gryson has an excellent reputation for customer service. If there were to be any issue with your handles, I bet they would stand behind their product. Check out this related info on the Bag Snob
  10. WOW! Impressive. It's nice to know that Gryson intends to stand behind their products and are willing to address the issues that many have found problematic. It's too bad that other designers aren't as forthcoming and willing to admit that they made mistakes and/or fix the things that need fixing.
  11. Ohhh. I am too stupid to live. YES, the zippers (under it!!) say Lampo on the outside ones. I can't get into the inside of the small one to see. Tried, but am scared I'm going to ruin it, or something.

    And Lexie, we both bought ours about the same time. I don't have a frame of reference either on exactly when that was. I hate getting old!!!
  12. While I was looking at these bags last night at Nordstroms, I noticed a couple of things. For one, while looking at all the pics of these bags online, I imagined that the leather was smooth. When I got my bag, I noticed that it's more of a textured leather. Not pebbled, but completely smooth either. What I noticed last night was that every color was different. The black was very similar to my bag, while the brown was slightly more textured. The white bag was VERY textured, and felt almost like a pebbled leather (you could definitely feel the bumps and rises in the leather when you run your hand over it). The Blue Jean, however, was very smooth. More like I thought these bags were from the online pics. Does anyone else notice this? Do you think it has something to do with the dyes? The other thing I notice - the blue jean bag (which is GORGEOUS!), really doesn't look blue. At first, I thought it was the military, until I saw the tag. It's got blue trim around the zipper and the lining is blue suede, but the leather has more of a greyish, olive tint to it. It's a little weird. It's not like a slate blue. Kinda hard to describe. It is gorgeous tho. I also saw some of her other styles. I really like the Josey bag. It's a shoulder bag, but it has a shorter strap and a longer one (I guess you could wear it messenger style). It's not the hard to access either (I thought those studs would be kinda hard to open & close). They also had some of the "box style" bags (the Maya & Molly). Very nice. I think Gryson's got a long career in front of her! The designs are nice & different, without being all flashy. I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this line.
  13. Iluvmybags,
    I think the texture differences aren't due to the dye but to the cow! When you think about it, I think a skin would be dyed all one color, and then would be cut into the right shape for each bag. I notice on my Olivia, which is white, that it is smooth all over except the "shoulder" of the bag which is slightly pebbly. I love the texture differences. I see this as an idication of the quality of the leather. My bags are developing the most beautiful patina as they age. Getting more burnished and beautiful instead of looking beat!

    I'm anxious to see the Blue Jean IRL. It vaires a lot in the different photos I've seen. I wonder if it has dye lot differences for real, or if its just how it looks on the computer?
  14. when I was at Nordstoms the other night, I bought a bottle of Cadillac leather cleaner/conditioner. I asked the salesgirl about it, and explained how I used to use Coach, but ever since it lifted the color off several of my bags, I stopped using it. She told me that the Cadillac wouldn't do that and that the Coach products are known to do that - I guess it's an older formula that was meant for a certain type of leather (she explained it in more detail, but I couldn't repeat it!). So anyhow, she assured me that it wouldn't lift the color and that they use it all the time in the store (for quick fixes!).

    So, last night I used a little bit on my Gryson. Wow! The bag looks brand new now! And she was right, very little to absolutely no color lift! (the cloth was a little bit darker, but it may have been dirt - I don't think the seller ever cleaned and/or treated the bag). So then, I took my suede "eraser" and used it on the spots inside of the bag, and VOILA!! Stains are gone! There are a few pen marks way down at the bottom, but they're off to the said and you can't even see them unless you flatten the lining and look way into the corners.

    I am soooooo happy with this bag!! Finally, I have a reason to celebrate! While I've gotten lucky w/ebay "finds" before, I don't think I've ever gotten THIS lucky - a current, hot selling bag that retails for around $900 - that I paid $250 for! Whoo-Hoo!!:yahoo:

    Here a few pix - I know they're not the best, but neither is my camera!
    1.JPG 2.JPG 5.JPG 3.JPG
  15. Congrats on your beautiful bag!