Got my Grey Reissue 228! PIC!!!

  1. WOWZA. :nuts:

    At first I was not sure if I loved it because its much longer in size than a 227.....

    But i just got dressed for work and tried it on again and it looks KILLER w/ my outfit. :wlae::yahoo::heart:

    I think she's a keeper


  2. Please post modeling pix! Looks lovely!
  3. Beautiful!:yahoo:
  4. It is gorgeous & beautiful!!! Is it dark grey or black color? It looks black to me...

    Where did u get it? I thought there is no 228 available??
  5. congrats! think you're the first one with a 228. yes, please post modeling pics.
  6. I know Luccibag has 228 too..please post modelling pics, do u think it looks exactly like the commemorative reissue in 2005? The hardware looks like a muted gold.
  7. Congrats its beautiful!
  8. Gorgeous! Please post modeling pics. =)
  9. Hey, Iluvbags

    Where do you get this bag? I love it and I want to get myself one too!!! Thanks
  10. Wow! What a delicious looking purse. I want it!!:tup:
  11. It is absolutely beautiful, congrats!
  12. Beautiful!
  13. Wow. o__o She's absolutely gorgeous.
  14. Congrats!!! Love this bag.
  15. Pretty! Congrats :smile: