Got My Gorgeous 05 Turq Twiggy But I Am Heartbroken!!!!

  1. :crybaby: Hi ladies! I am sure some of you have seen some threads here where I have mentioned I was getting a brand new mint condition 05 Turq Twiggy. I have only owned City's and the Box style (which are my favorite styles), and I have seen a Work in person(which was too large for me), so I was anxious on what I was gonna think of the Twiggy style. I was hoping I would like it because so many do love the style. Well it came yesterday, and I didn't even have the dustbag all the way opened when I gasped from the pleasure of seeing the divine color and leather. It is absolutely my second favorite color with the Bubblegum Pink only hedging it a bit as my fav. BUT.......I don't like the Twiggy style at all! I think I would be much less heartbroken if I didn't love the color, and if the bag weren't in such pristine condition. But I do and it is. I am in a dilemma now on what to do. Has anyone gotten a style they didn't like but gave it a shot anyway, and ended up liking it? I say this with absolutely no bad thought or feelings for the seller, she has provided me with the exact bag she described and it is gorgeous! But I did pay alot of money, so much that I am actually shaking my head on why I BIN'd it with no thougt of offering less first. I seriously believe these bags can make one lose their minds! I have no problem with paying serious bucks for a mint bag if I know I am not going to want to resell it at sometime.

    So this is my dilemma...Do I wait before trying to sell it to see if I change my mind on the style? Do I list it now and possibly take a loss? Or if I wait awhile and not use it, could I get more $$ for it later? If I don't sell a bag I wouldn't feel good about buying another. And I realize if a mint 05 Turq City or Box did come up, I know they are so rare I would like to have the funds ready when I start my search. And lastly, can any of you give me their idea of what a mint never used (the seller told me she never used it, and after seeing the bag I trust this to be true) 05 Turq Twiggy should go for? BTW, it came with the works, tags, dustbag, and extra tassles. I am sorry for the long explanation, but I would so value any and all of your expert opinions. I know there are plenty of variables here, so I guess I want to know what you would do in this situation. You guys have never steered me wrong before! For those of you that had asked me to show pictures when I got it, I will post some later today.
  2. deana, i'm sorry the bag wasn't 'everything' you hoped for or imagined. and i know it can be difficult to make a decision, especially when you think you'll end up loving the item, without seeing it first IRL. but perhaps since you're fond of the color and condition, you may want to give the style a chance. you may end up liking it very much and it may suit your needs.

    so i think you should try it out and hang on to it and when the style that you really want comes up in this same color and similar condition, you can sell your twiggy. i remember the day i would give up my right arm for a 2005 turquoise twiggy.....don't worry, i don't really think you'll have much problems selling it later on.
  3. oh no!! I think if you can keep it and carry it for a bit you never know what you might end up feeling for the bag! I think if you at least give it a fair chance, then when you decide to let it go you'll have absolutely no regrets...
  4. Ohhhhh no! I hate to hear that. Let me ask you, is the bag "broken in" or is it still stiff? I would assume it would be broken in since it's an 05 bag. What exactly don't you like about the style? I know with my newer Twiggys, it takes a long time for them to lose that WIDE look that they have when new. My older Twigs are so slouchy and nice and it's hard to imagine not liking them (says the Twiggy freak but as we all know, YMMV). I wouldn't try to talk you into anything but I'd like to see pics or try to understand why you don't like it!
  5. Deana, I"m 100% with you on that - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Turq 05 colour... but the Twiggy size just doesn't do it for me!

    Then again, I always said I didn't like the First size and sold off all my First bags (d'oh), and now look at me... snapping up all the Firsts again after I've now decided it suits me better after all ;)

    So I vote for holding onto it for a few months if you don't need the money, then choose to either resell (the price does tend to go up with time) or end up keeping it if you fall in love the the size! Like Glimmer said, the Twiggys probably do go lovely and slouchy with use...
  6. If you paid alot of money for it, but don't *love* it, it is probably better to just sell it now. That has happened to me before and I always keep the bag, thinking it will grow on me, but unfortunately it never does. I think you will get more for it if it is still in its brand new condition and before the SP07 colors come out...but that's sad...I'm sure the perferct Turq 05 will come your way!
  7. I say carry it for a few days. Throw all your normal purse stuff in it and enjoy the compliments. It just may end up being your favorite. I didnt like my Ink Purse when I got it and now its my fave style. These Bbags just arent selling well on ebay right now, and you would probably take a loss maybe. I just listed my Magenta Purse for the 3rd time with a big loss should it sell....Have you ever dated a not so cute guy? But you gave it a chance and then he was like the best thing ever because he had the most amazing personality that made him so damn cute? Well a cute guy doesnt compare to a cute bag, but you get the picture!
  8. ^^
    aww.. cute analogy Donna!
  9. Deana,
    I recently bought an Ink Work and at first really didn't like the style-- it looked huge on me! (You can look up "Got my Ink Work...but" thread for more information =) ). I wore it for a few days like all the lovely PFers suggested, and guess what-- I fell in love with it! It's not some sort of self-comfort I forced myself to love it. It's actually that I really did like the style after wearing it out for a few times-- so much that I'm seriously thinking about getting another Work in a different color!! So I say maybe wear it out for a few days, but be careful so there won't be any wear. And if you don't love it, you can sell it and list on the description that you wore it for a few days but that it is as good as new. I hope you do decide to keep it because it's such a pretty color! But I totally understand what you mean by how you want to have funds when an 05 Turquoise city/box does come up..goood luck!
  10. LOL I LOVE YOUR ANALOGY DONNA!!!! =D And it actually has happened to me before.....LOL.
  11. deana, sorry to hear you aren't liking the twiggy style.
    i really suggest you give it a chance. maybe wear it around the house a couple of times with different outfits...i don't think there is much point in pushing yourself to re-sell the bag right now as sales on ebay aren't going that well and who knows? you might just fall in love with it!
  12. Deana, I'm with you on the Twiggy. I just don't like it! If I did, I would have many more bags by now, because I feel like they always pop up on ebay in colors I want.
    However, I believe you can always sell it, but if you sold it and then regretted it, you'd have a hard time finding the exact same thing later on. So hold on to it for a bit - and if you still don't love it, list it later. Just give it a chance. You can always get rid of it.
  13. maybe u should take it for a spin a couple of times, in case u might grow to love it....cuz u have the city already so experience something differnt :smile:
  14. I say give the Twiggy a shot, especially since you obviously love the colour! Just carry her around for, say a week, and if you still aren't feeling the love, then you can sell her to fund another purchase.

    You really don't wanna regret letting this baby go without at least giving her a shot! :smile:
  15. Aw, Deana, I'm sorry to hear this. The ladies here have given you wonderful advice. :yes: Test out the twiggy for a while and see if you warm up to it. If you still feel the same afterwards, then you should definitely sell it.
    I was in a somewhat similar situation with my last 2 bags. It wasn't the style, though, that bothered me. The color and texture of both were not really to my liking, and I called my SA who I purchased it from to say that I would be returning them. He suggested that I wait a little while and see if it would grow on me. I took his advice and lo and behold, he was right! I love them both so much now! :heart:
    Good luck, and please keep us updated! :flowers: