Got my Gerard today

  1. So, I finally got my first (won't be my last) Gerard Darel today. I ordered it in brown from bagshop. Excellent service from them btw, ordered over the weekend, received today, free shipping. The bag is perfect. It's a deep chocolate brown, squishy soft, slightly pebbly leather, light as a feather. It's a very plain classy bag, with just a touch of whimsy. Best of all, the size is perfect. I was worried it would be too big. Even though I like big bags, I wanted this a a medium sized bag. So, I'm very happy with this bag. :tup:
  2. Post Pictures!!!! It sounds wonderful!!!! Congratulations!!

  3. Was it the Charlotte (drape) bag? If so, I ordered the same one; and it's already sitting on my doorstep - I need to get home - NOW!
  4. Congrats! Darel's are just great all-around bags. Tres chic! :tup:
  5. Yip Ibis, it's the Charlotte. Run home and see it. Let me know what you think.
  6. Oh i'm dying to see what their chocolate color bags look like.

    Can one of you ladies post a photo...pppllleeeaaassee!
  7. Pics! Gerard Darel is my new obsession!
  8. yes yes pics pics!

    I would love to see them too!


  9. Hello. It IS here! :yahoo:

    The leather is absolutely TDF - super smooth and soft leather, in rich dark chocolate. This is my first GD bag, and I love :heart: it. It's so light, and the shoulder drop is just right.

    Here are two pictures. The true color is on the picture with the bag on the desk (no flash). Nice?
    GD.jpg GD_onShoulder2.jpg
  10. YUMMMYYYYY!!! I love how it looks on your shoulder! I'm going to Paris in july, and I plan on making a GD boutique one of my first stops!

  11. OMG, if you are in Paris, you will HAVE to make a GD stop. I am sure the price is a lot better there, and the choices! You'll be in heaven! I envy you!!
  12. Ibis - Your Gerard Darel looks beautiful on you! Congratulations!!!
  13. Nerdphanie, also be sure and check out the Darel section at Printemps. They have a great selection and the SA was really nice.
  14. Thanks for the tips, guys! I'm excited!