Got my first ZOE!!! ((fawn))

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  1. Just got back from a trip to the Smoky Mtn. area, and of course had to stop at the coach factory in Sevierville. I have always loved the Zoes. I was really looking for something neutral, as I tend to buy alot of colorful bags. The med. Fawn Patent Zoe caught my eye as soon as I walked`s just a gorgeous bag. :nuts: Perfect size for me as I don`t carry alot in my bag. I`ve never had a patent leather bag, and don`t know anything about caring for them or how they hold up, if anyone could enlighten me, I would definitely appreciate it. I will post pics when i get my battery charged for my dig camera. Now my problem is I am dieing for a large black leather Zoe, and I`m 4 1/2 hours away from an outlet. :pout:
  2. Great bag! Congrats. I just got my first patent bag too. I have been told to wipe it with a wet cloth if needed (dirty/smudges/etc) and otherwise it is supposed to be easier to care for than regular leather. Enjoy.
  3. Can't wait to see the pics! I'm going to Smoky Mtn's in September for my honeymoon. I can't wait to go to Coach there!
  4. I'm looking forward to the pics! The fawn is a gorgeous color!
  5. I definitely want to see it!
  6. A pic, a pic? I'm very excited about your new Zoe. Patent fawn must be so gorgeous-- I have a serious soft spot for patent neutrals. :P Congratulations on your new lovely!
  7. :useless:
  8. Congrats on the new Zoe:heart:
  9. That Fawn color may be what i saw at my outlet yesterday. I didnt even look at tag. Im craving something patent me thinks. LOL
  10. Can't wait to see pics!
  11. waiting to see your pics...
  12. I saw it at the outlet and swear I started salivating! ;)
    Looking forward to pics!
  13. I haven't seen that color in person, but it looks lovely online. Patent leather is soooo easy to care for. Rain rolls right off, or beads on the surface to be wiped off. Mine even got a little mud splash on it and I spazzed until I saw it came right off. The only issue is that I'm noticing some splitting of the leather around areas where the thread has punched through the leather to sew it together, so just watch for that. It's not noticeable at all though, don't worry!
  14. CoachNewB, are you ready to post some pictures ? :smile:
    I can't wait to see fawn zoe! I've seen editorial zoe in fawn, but haven't seen any medium in that color yet. Would love to see it!
  15. Sorry... batteries in dig camera are DEAD. :cursing: As soon as i find some new batteries I will def post pics.