Got my first Valentino bag today!!!

  1. My first purchase after the baby. For the last 2 1/2 years I've been carrying noting but my diaper bag! Blech. So today I hauled the kid & hubby to the Valentino store & came out with this:


    But why did I feel super guilty after the purchase? Is this what being married & mom does to someone?!? My single bad self would've rolled her eyes! Lol. But when we got home & unleashed the beast, the guilt subsided. I'm already plotting my next victim, maybe a Celine mini luggage. ;)
  2. Congrats on your new purchase! I love that color, goes with amost everything.
  3. Thanks! :smile: I wanted the red one but the store didn't have it. Though this color isn't a bad choice either. You're right, it'll go with almost everything!
  4. Absolutely beautiful.
  5. Gorgeous bag!!! I can totally relate. After my 2 babies, I was carrying a trashy bag for 3 years cos I just did not have the energy!
  6. It's a gorgeous bag! Don't feel guilty, I'm pretty sure you well deserved it! Congrats
  7. gorgeous~~!!!
  8. Stunning bag :loveeyes:
    Congrats & you deserve it! :kiss:

  9. Gorgeous! You totally deserve it. I am a new mommy & love my baby but it is really hard work! Do not feel guilty-remember happy mommy=happy kiddy ;)
  10. It's gorgeous, congrats!
  11. That is faB!!!
  12. Lovely! :smile:
  13. Beautiful!!! Congrats on your new bag :smile: its lovely!