Got My First Swingpack!

  1. small swingpack 1.JPG

    small swingpack 2.JPG Yesterday I detoured on my way home from visiting friends in Manchester to go to the Tilton (NH) outlet. I went there with a mission....get a swingpack for my job. (I work with children in the community) I wanted one anyway but trying to handle a 7yr old and bags and my wristlet in a parking lot the other day convinced me.
    The store was packed. Ive been to this outlet prolly 5 or 6 times and this was the most crowded its been. They have alot of cute stuff (I was eyeing a light blue mini sig soho flap---maybe in a couple weeks) I found the swingpacks and i want liking any of them they had all leather ones and some sig. ones with tan( natural) trim and all brown sig. I was looking at them when a SA approached me. I told her i liked the bag just not the trim color ( natural leather) she said she thought they had a brown one in the back I asked her to check and she came back out with it. She said it was the last one. I was like "sold!":yahoo:
    I also wanted a new mini skinny--one of the ones that opens wider. My friend has one with tattersal lining. I dont think that kind is at the outlets tho. I may look on eBay.
    There was a little girl getting her first Coach when I was there...not sure I would buy a coach for a 10yr old but it was kinda cute.
    So Im happy this bag is great its roomy ( Im not a big bag person) and so pratical. Im going a a mini vacay to RI next week itll really come in handy!
    Also this is unrelated but I saw my first large carly in panera last week....holy heck is that thing HUGE!:wtf: I cant even imagine having that much stuff to lug around! (every time i go to panera i see a bunch of makes me happy)
  2. Congrats, it looks great!
  3. Very nice! I was checking out at the grocery store yesterday and the lady in front of me had the same swingpack and I thought it was so pretty!
  4. It's adorable. I think I want a swingpack someday, they look so handy!
  5. oh yay.. we're swingpack twin!!! Congrats girl :biggrin: