Got My First Scarf!

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  1. Today I got my first scarf:tup:. Its the Hamptons pony tial scarf with the sig. on one side and the dots on the other. I got the blue. It's on my soho hobo right now and it looks sooooo pretty!!
    (can someone tell how to resize photos so I can post one?:smile:)

    Also I asked about the new blue scarf print bags and the SA said she thought they'd be out at the end of the month. They had them in the back already. She showed me the wrislet....I am in love. Its so nice.She said the fabric is different from past years so its not quite so delicate. The wrislet was 198...alot in my opinion for something so small. Im praying there is a mini or a pouch because I doubt I'll be able to afford the bags.
  2. post pics!!!
  3. resize, I right click and hit edit on the picture (on my computer) and resize it by streching/skewing in paint...
  4. So pretty. Those are so cute, I want one in every color. Congrats!