Got my first piece of luggage today! Lots of pics!


Aug 23, 2006
I finally got to buy something from my favorite SA who had helped me with getting my defective Antigua exchanged! He has always been my favorite SA but I never had a chance to buy anything from him until today!

Today I went to Holt Renfrew and asked to see both the Monogram Keepall 45 and 50 with shoulder strap. I went in thinking I would get the 50 as everyone said that the 45 is too small.

I tried on both and while the Keepall 50 looked better hand-held, on the shoulder, it sagged really badly and the 45 kept its shape better. I also figured that since I don’t travel that often, I can also use the 45 as a “everyday bag”. My SA told me that one lady came in an bought a Keepall 50 to use as an everyday work bag.

My SA was very patient with me as I took like 45 minutes going back and forth between the 2 keepalls! :P

In the end I chose the 45 because when its stuffed it keeps its shape better, and I wasn’t planning on stuffing the 50, as it would get too heavy. My SA owns a 50 and even he said that when stuffed its quite heavy. When the 50 isn't stuffed, on the shoulder it sags badly.

I asked to get my luggage tag stamped with my initials in gold!

When I got home I tried to see how much my Keepall 45 could hold and am I ever glad I chose the 45! It holds more than I expected. It held 4 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of PJ pants, and a hoodie and still had room to spare. Also, with all that inside it was just the right amount of weight. Not too heavy for my shoulder or hand which was what I feared when buying a Keepall. A 50 would probably be too heavy for my liking when stuffed full.

It just took me forever to upload these damn pics as my regular computer is busted and I had to figure out how to upload pics on a Mac! Ugh!

Keepall 45 with strap:

The inside:

What was inside:



Arm held:

On the shoulder:

Cross body:

Cross body from the front:

If anybody is trying to decide between a Keepall 45 or 50 with strap, I recommend the 45! I think its looks quite good on me (not too small) and I am not a small girl! :P

My first luggage piece! Woohoo! And I saved $70 from the price decrease due to the strong Canadian dollar!


*V is for Vintage*
Jun 1, 2007
Congrats!!! I am waiting for the day that I can buy my first piece of luggage! I am very happy for you, it looks great!


Sep 4, 2007
Lookin' good! Congrats on your new purchase, you will get alot of wear out of this one :heart: