Got my first NEW LV :)

  1. HI ladies and gents. I wanted to share (even tho i have no idea how to post pics lol) i ordered my first LV bag brand new (I have a prev loved mono speedy 25) on Mon. night off elux. I got express mail and it arrived Wed around noontime via fedex. I wanted an Alma in a way so i could make it a shoulder bag too and have the option but it was almost double the price and money is tight so i went ahead and ordered my original desire...a mono speedy 30 :smile: After it was on the way i thought maybe i should have ordered the 35 (the extra $25 was not the issue but the SA i spoke to a few days earlier via phone said it was way more like luggage, then i read a thread on here saying the opposite and i do fill my bags up well and i think i like the saggier look of the 35 and ability to put a sweater or magazine anyway i think that is my nect purchase lol)
    I have to say i am being real weird with this bag. My daughter even asked why i had not put my stuff in it yet as i usually do right away with a new bag. i think it is b/c of the natural handles...until there is a slight patina i feel they are more likely to stain? Any suggestions? Should i spray a leather protector like i do on my boots etc or will that keep it from oxidizing nicely? I just want it to stay even not smudgy. I buy my bags totally to use, enjoy and maybe flaunt a bit so it's kinda weird this most expensive yet is sitting never used on my shelf in my closet and i have had it for 3 days LOL Of course i only first went out today but i still did not take it LOL Help.
    Anyway i am happy to have bit the bullet and bought it...was almost hitting buy for about 3 wks b4 i took the plunge! If i get together at a NJ meet as some of us are trying for i wil lhave one of the others get pics of me and my 30 :smile: Oh and she was made the 12th wk in 07 but not sure in USA or France LOL Sd code. Thx for reading :smile:
  2. To clarify...WITH the STRAP the Alma would have been twice the price and i think i though ttax applied too LOL Oh well.
  3. congrats on the new bag :smile:. i'd have like to have a alma too :p
  4. Congrats! The LV heatstamp on the leaf will tell you which country it's made in.
  5. Congratulations! :yes:
  6. Congrats on buying your own first LV. Will never forget that exhilirating moment. I think you are acting this way because you are babying your bag and admiring it slowly. Enjoy and take your time. It took me a while to start using my 1st bag too. But I used it more when I bought my second cause I didn't feel that it was as precious after that :smile:

    Hope that doesn't have to be the case with you.
  7. Congrats! So youre going to end up with the speedy monogram in every size. Ahhh i love speedys, cant fault them in the slightest.
    Modelling pics please
  8. Enjoy your new bag. I was the same way with my first Lv.
  9. Congratulations.
  10. Congratulations!
  11. congrats!!!
  12. Congrats!
  13. congrats!
  14. Congrats! If you look in the LV FAQs section, there are a lot of threads with tons of info on the vachetta handles and the pros and cons of spraying them with a protective substance.
  15. congrats! i love patina and beat up lv's so i cannot help you with suggestions on protection