Got my first new Coach item!

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  1. Last week i ordered a soft duffle mini skinny from the Coach website-it came today! They put it in the gift box-it looked so pretty-it took me a half hour to open it-it looked so nice I didn't want to!

    Anyway-i love it-and it felt so good to get something brand new directly from Coach and to see the Coach box, and tissue paper and everything else with it.

    Here is a pic of what I bought-this color isn't on their website-but, you can get it through the 800 number;
    coach mini skinny.jpg coach mini skinny2.jpg
  2. Cute cute cute!! I saw that style at the Coach store the other day and was VERY tempted by it.
  3. it feels great in my hand-it is so nice! Not that I don't love my other Coach stuff that I bought used-but, there is something about having a piece brand new
  4. congrats Denise!!
  5. Thanks! I can't wait to use it along with a new Coach bag I got recently:love:
  6. I love that mini skinny! Congrats Nishi, its so pretty! Cant wait to see it with your new bag & wallet, I hope this is only the beginning to a (healthy) COACH addiction, lol!
  7. congrats! that's a beautiful mini duffle! :smile:
  8. Cute Congrats!
  9. congrats! enjoying the adrenaline rush!?! LOL
  10. Congrats and enjoy!
  11. So cute, I hope you enjoy it!
  12. Congrats! I do :heart: the mini skinny's :smile:
  13. What an excellent choice! I love it :love:
  14. This is very cute, congrats!:yes:
  15.'s always the excitment of getting something brand spanking new that's so exhilarating.