Got my first neutral, strange buyer - give her a neg or not?

  1. Ok here goes. I sold something before Christmas. Auction ended on Dec. 18. Buyer sent me her payment against my stated rules in an envelope on Dec. 21 (!) which arrived Dec. 22. Via e-mail she apologized for the delay and was hoping that it would still get to her in time. On the same day I shipped the item. It should have reached here according to the delivery method on Dec. 23.
    Haven't heard of her since today, she leaves me a neutral. Why? "Despite E-mails, didn't receive the item before Christmas". :cursing: Yeah, because she sent the payment out late and I did everything to accommodate her, opening her envelope and going straight to the post office.

    Now should I leave her a neg for all this? Or be "nice" in spite of it and leave her a neutral? Hmmm. TIA!
  2. It's a tough one as I'm sure it's very tempting to leave her a big fat negative! I guess you could be nice & leave her a neutral too and state that you went out of your way to accomodate her.
    Don't forget to reply to feedback , so your comments can show under the neutral she left for you.
  3. I would go for the neutral, with something like:

    Paid quickly, but payment was only received 3 days before Christmas.

    Item sent same day as payment received, but buyer didn't adhere to my auction terms.

    Or something along those lines.:smile:

    I wouldn't go for the negative, seeing as she did actually pay you, and quickly, just not according to your terms.:smile:
  4. Thanks. She waited 3 days to post the envelope, so she did take some time there... oh well, I'll leave a neutral. Thanks for your suggestions! :yes:
  5. i might neg actually. she didn't follow your rules then expects the package to get to her in 2 days? and leaves you a neutral for it? ridiculous. neutral is fine but she seems like trouble.
  6. Whatever you do, put her on your BBL.
  7. I second this and also the advice to add her to your BBL.
  8. I would leave a neg. It is their fault for not following your TOS>
  9. The nice thing about this situation is, at least if you neg her, she can't neg you back! She sounds like a pain and she's asking for it. Maybe she'll be upset enough about the neg to do a mutual feedback withdrawal, and then you can get rid of your neutral, too.
  10. Anyone who doesn't abide by my payment terms and then is dumb enough to give me a neutral gets a negative without hesitation.
  11. Have to agree I would leave a negative. As long as your tos were clearly indicated and she failed to abide by them then leaving a neutral for you is clearly inappropriate.

    Maybe she expected you to send it via carrier pigeon????
  12. ^lol

    OK I'm officially too nice, I left her a neutral, saying she didn't follow payment rules, I still shipped immediately & received a neutral for it *shaking head*, along those lines. An id**** buyer like that would probably have made a real stink via e-mail otherwise and I just cannot take that sort of headache right now, I need to be focused.

    Thank you so much for your support, I'm still :cursing: about it, but you sure helped! :heart:
  13. aww yeah you did the right thing. I would've left neutral too.
  14. ^thank you
  15. Good karma :heart: