Got my first negative

  1. Ok, after over 400+ all positive feedbacks, I get my first negative today. I called eBay to dispute it and they had me submit reasons, history of it etc... here is what I sent them, it will explain better than me doing it again:

    "Sold item in a no reserve auction format. Seller did no respond within the contact time requested in auction. I contacted and rec'd email back from seller stating "they no longer wanted the item." I then explained that this was a binding agreement and that buyers remorse was not an acceptable reason for non-payment. They then told me they were going to leave me negative feedback IF I did not let them out of auction. I proceeded to inform them that feedback threats were a violation of eBay's policies and to please just pay for the auction. They did pay FINALLY via PayPal with an unconfirmed auction which I state I do not accept and I had to decline.. which started more threats by them of neg feedback. Finally, I got payment via an echeck that took over a week to clear and I shipped using delivery conformation.

    Today, I rec'd negative feedback based on false information and also her premeditated statements that she was going to do it just because I did not let her out of auction. She states smells like smoke as one of her excuses, yet no one in my home smokes due to first a mother here w/ cancer and second me with lupus. Also, I purchased it and never even used it and only took it out of the box to take a picture. However, within 15 minutes of leaving the neg feedback tonight, she then became an unregistered eBay user. She did all of this solely on purpose and with malicious intent and not a true assessment of the auction activites. All her contact was sent through Ebay's messaging system. I am asking this to be removed as it is obvious from if not her own emails then from the fact that she left it and then unjoined Ebay immediately after. She also stated in an email to me that she would just join Ebay under another s/n. I feel given my all positive history that is clearly evident, this feedback is grossly unfair. Thank you for your consideration.
  2. I am really sorry you got a negative, I am dreading my first too. People can use this as a way of getting back at you. You can respond to feedback left so when people read her comment they can see your response. Try to explain and I am sure people will get the picture when they see your so far glowing recodrd. And block this person from your auctions. She may come back for more...LOL and dont think it will tarnish your record
  3. That's horrible that happened to you, shopstomuch! I don't see why Ebay wouldn't remove it. The neg was totally retaliatory. I'm sure it will work out for you! :smile:
  4. Sorry this happened to you! Just leave a comment below her comment and don't let it get you down, which is what she wanted in the first place.
  5. I think with the fb extortion and the fact that she is now an un-registered user they remove it for you.

    Good luck.
  6. It's childish of people to do that due to their own negligence of READING THE TERMS!! I have had that happen and it's horrible. I'm so sorry that happened, and I hope that ebay will remove it for you!! Good Luck:heart:
  7. Thanks all.. I just found it so ironic (besides her already written threat) that she left it and unjoined Ebay w/in a few min of each other.
  8. Sorry to hear that. I hope you and your mom are doing ok tho,
  9. Thank you Cry... just a sad pathetic person really.
  10. omg! That is just awful. I hope you get the negative feedback removed. Best of luck.
  11. Sorry to hear that! What a scum! (pardon my dirty mouth)
  12. Oh how annoying, I really hope it gets removed! What a horrible buyer. :cursing:
  13. yeah, but w/ Square Trade don't both parties have to work to do it and mediate it? This is clearly a case of someone having buyers remorse and pissed cause I would not let them out scott-free.
  14. If they are no longer a registered user, you should be able to pay to have it removed.