Got my first MJ

  1. Hi all, I mostly lurk around this subforum, don't post a whole lot, but figured I should introduce my first Marc Jacobs bag -- a black Adina. (see attached picture).
    I wasn't planning on posting an introduction like this, but I was having a beer over the weekend and the lighting was just so perfect . . . blame my slightly *ahem* diminished state for the blurriness (though I sharpened it up a bit in photoshop).
    I'm totally blissed-out by the acquisition of this bag, I just :heart: it to death! :tender:
  2. Congrats on your first MJ!

    Here's to many more ;) !
  3. Same as what SuLi just said. =)
  4. Congrats! I really like the Adina. And I also say the same as Suli and bag.lover
  5. Sweeeeet. Another MJ lover. Awesome!
  6. Congrats!
  7. Love the Adina!! I have the satchel which is a very similar style...enjoy!!
  8. that's an awesome bag, did you get it on ebay? i was watching a black adina, but i had no funds, so i couldn't bid. congrats on your first mj!
  9. Yeah, I bet this was the one you were watching. My boyfriend gave me hell for buying yet another bag, but it was totally worth it. And he actually seems to secretly like it. I caught him fondling the brass rings the other day. :lol:
  10. congrats... she is pretty
  11. :lol: that's cute! but tell him hands off!:lecture:
  12. What a gorgeous, classic, MJ. Congrats!
  13. *gasp* this is a really nice style!! Is it a currently style or from a previous season? I think I was looking at something similar in a brown color, darn I really like it in that picure!
  14. Congrats! That's a fab bag!
  15. It's from fall 2005, IIRC. Glad you like the pic. :smile: