Got my first MJ today--fuchsia Sophia!

  1. Sorry I don't know the color names and the tag only says fuchsia. (Does anyone know what the name of the color is?) I love this bag so much! I think the size is perfect, and as soon as I slipped it on, it felt so perfect under my arm that I knew it was meant to be. I never even considered a fuchsia bag until today. I'm so happy!

    I got it at Neiman Marcus Last Call. It was marked down to $429, with an additional 30% off, so I got it for a whopping $318! :wlae:


    I can see this becoming an addiction.:nogood:
  2. What a gorgeous color...congrats!! And you're're on the path to addiction! :nuts: LOL!
  3. The color on the tag is correct. It indeed looks like fuchsia, and it should have a pink suede lining.

    Congrats! You got the bag at a great price.
  4. awesome! Sophia might be my favorite MJ Bag! gorgeous color!
  5. Thanks! It does have pink suede lining. I suddenly panicked that it might be a fake, so I perused the authentication forum and am satisfied that it's authentic. You ladies are so very helpful! :smile:
  6. That's a great find, congrats on the beautifull bag!
  7. congrats !!!!
  8. LOVE it!! Too funny!! I just put away my red blake yesterday and got out my Sophia..I can never remember the color..I always have to have Thithi remind me!!! But it is similiar to this...You got a great deal!! Don't you just love her!?!?!
  9. Wow! Beautiful bag and great deal!
  10. Congratulations on such a nice bag (and great deal!!!)
  11. that's so gorgeous...congrats!!!!!
  12. Fab colour and price, enjoy your new Sophia :smile:
  13. lovely!
  14. I'm glad to see you're giving your MJs some lovin! LOL.... and your Sophia is Violet! :p
  15. Congrats on your Sophia! It's definitely addictive!