Got my first Messenger bag !!

  1. Finally bought my first LV messenger bag!! It's a beautiful PM Bosphore and I think it's absolutely amazing! Very handy and practical! However, the leather of my new bag is kinda hard and not as soft and shiny as the ones displayed in the Louis Vuitton store. :confused1: Mine looks a bit dull compared to the really shiny ones in the shop. What does this mean?

    Sorry I'm just wonderin :rolleyes:
  2. Nice! Show us some pics please:heart:
  3. Congrats!!!! Yes, show pics!!!!!
  4. Congrats!
  5. Congrats - like messenger bags for the hands-free factor!
  6. congrats!
  7. hey congrats! post pics pls.. :yes:
  8. it will soften with time and loving use!
  9. pics!!!
  10. I bought a monogram Bosphore PM messenger bag last month. I love it. Enjoy it!;)
  11. Congrats! Got any pics?:yes:
  12. Congrats!

    Any pics of you modelling it?
  13. congrats on the purchase!
  14. congrats!!!