Got my first LV in March.. Help me decide my next!

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  1. Hi all.. I've searched through the forums and I know this question has been asked a billion times, but I couldn't find anything that fit my exact needs, so forgive me for asking yet another question on the issue.

    I need some help deciding on my next bag! This may turn into rambling, but the heart of the matter is that I think I need a bag for summer!

    I thought about the Tahitiennes, but I think I have my mind set on azur and wouldn't be happy otherwise. I've looked at the Hampstead and Berkeley, but my mind keeps coming back to the original speedy. Until I joined tPF, I wasn't a huge fan of the speedy (actually it was my least fav. LV), mostly because I felt they were all too common around here, and also that it's the most commonly faked LV bag here as well.

    Then I joined tPF and have recently developed a greater appreciation for it, especially after I saw baby of fashion's awesome speedy and scarf accessory in her avatar. It's beautiful!

    Am I crazy for thinking that I now want the speedy with a great scarf or bandeau but am scared/hesitant/reluctant at the same time since I had a lesser attitude toward them for so long?

    If I do go with the speedy, I'm also unsure on the size. I tried them on in the store, and although I'm 5'8" and 130 lbs, both DH and SA said they preferred the 25 on me, that the 30 looked too big, but I think I like the 30 better in pics. :confused1: Still I'm unsure!!

    What are your thoughts?? :Push::shrugs: Help?!
  2. What was your first bag? I don't think it's strange to change your mind about a bag so I wouldn't worry about your initial dislike of Speedies. I think 25 is too small, though, even for me and I'm shorter than you. So I'd definitely go with the 30.
  3. with your height, I would go with speedy30. I'm 5'1'', speedy 25 is the perfect size for me. BUT if you like smaller bag, then go for 25.

    PS: Azur Hampstead MM looks so nice, just another thought~~~ :smile:)
  4. i've been lusting after an azur speedy as well.. so i suggest for your height you should get the 30... i'm only 5'1'' and i tried on the 30 it's not too bad... so definitely get the 30!! i think 25 might be too small for you... anyway i fell in love with the tahitienne!!! i love the pm in pink.. hehe if you have money you should also get it (=
  5. Thanks for such quick replies guys! I originally thought I liked the 30 better too. The handles on the 25 are tight and small, almost like you can't get your arm through very easily. But for some reason my SA and DH both said 25.. :hrmm: I'm still trying to figure out why!

    Jellybeanz, my first bag was the Tivoli PM :love: and I LOVE it. I still giggle to myself when I see it sitting around my house and realize it's finally mine!

    a4alice, I probably I will get both eventually. DH may beat me to death with the bank statement if I got them at the same time though lol.
  6. I agree with the 30, that size would look great with your height! I have a 25 and when I put stuff in it and carry it, it doesn't feel too small, but when I see myself carrying it, it looks small! Strange!
  7. I also agree -- go with the 30 with your height. And no, you're not crazy to change your mind about the speedy. It belongs in every LV collection, IMHO! Get it!
  8. get the 30'
  9. I think the 30 would be good for you:yes:.
  10. I agree that the Azur Speedy 30 would be perfect for you. To make your Speedy standout, you may want to consider adding on a charm. :graucho:
  11. at 5`8 and 130, I think the 30 would look better on you!

    I am 5`9 and 1658568556789lbs and I look better with the 35 and a fool with the 30.

    Get the Azur Speedy seems like you love it.
  12. I'm about your height and I have three Speedy 25s (azur, damier, mono). I love them and they are not too small for me. I have a mono Speedy 30 as well and I don't use it except for mainly travel. I just don't carry enough in the 30 to use it everyday. How much do you usually carry on a daily basis? That should come into play as well. Take care and congrats on your first bag!
  13. I vote the 30 ... it's the perfect size! I have a 25...i'm 5'3 and it's too small for me
  14. Azur Hampstead will be great but if you decide to take Speedy, take Speedy 30 ;)
  15. I love the Azur Speedy 30 for you. I too have the Tivoli PM--that bag is TDF! And, since you are considering Azur...perhaps a Saleya?