Got my first "LV compliment" today!!

  1. I always hear people posting about how people compliment their LV bags etc, but no one had ever complimented any of my LVs before today.

    Today I was carrying my monogram speedy 30 with my beige speedy inclusion keychain. I went into the Coach store and the sales girl there was saying how cute my keychain is! :nuts: Later on, I went into another store that sells purses (not designer) and the sales lady there complimented my keychain as well! :happydance:

    Anyways, today at LV Hotel Vancouver, I saw the silver miroir pochette and they also have the miroir keychains in both silver and gold! :nuts: I liked the keychain alot but I am banning myself from buying LV until I get my Azur Speedy 25! :angel: All I did was exchange my aunts mandarin epi pochette strap for her, so my SA gave me this little bag with it inside, but then she saw that I was carrying 2 other shopping bags so she was nice enough to offer me one big bag to put everything in! :nuts: So I got to walk out of the store carrying a big-ass brown LV bag even though I didn't buy anything there! :wlae: Even though I didn't buy anything, I still had that feeling that I had bought alot just because I was walking out there holding a big brown LV bag! lol! :p
  2. wow! that's nice to hear
  3. hehe I would've loved walking out with a big brown bag with LV written across it haha. yay! Thats nice that you were complimented, it always feels nice and gives our self-confidence a little boost. congrats! im happy for you
  4. I love receiving you, I didn't have ANYONE (except people who I work with) compliment on my bags. But I got complimented twice today...once from my friend's mom ("Wow, that's a lovely bag!"...she's into designer stuff) and another time from these people we saw in a restaurant.
  5. Those big brown LV bags are TDF, aren't they? LOL :graucho: Don't you feel like a million bucks just carrying those big-ass (this is too funny!) brown LV bags?!

    Good for you that you had your first of many LV compliments!!
  6. Yeah! Don't feel like walk around more w/the huge brown LV bag? hehe
    Karman-Is this on the new baby you receive this mornin? ^_<
  7. Yup! Those bags are huge, I kept on knocking into things with it! :p It got a little exhausting lugging it around shopping though, cuz I had the big-ass brown LV bag in one hand, and my monogram speedy 30 in the other hand!
  8. Yeah, but you looked great lugging around the big-ass brown LV bag in one hand and your LV speedy in the other!! The only way, IMO, to walk around while shopping --- Carrying an LV and buying more LV! :yes:

    LV addicts unite!!! teehee
  9. Very happy for you!!!
    I got tons of complements with Azur speedy lately. One day every single women I encoutered gave me complement. I thought that was being punked LOL
  10. BTW, I was very happy with the service I got at Coach. I was a little weary after hearing people posting about the nasty comments they got about their LVs while in the Coach store, so it was even better that I got my first LV compliment by a Sales girl at the Coach store!

    Even though I only bought a $10 agenda refill, the girl there was very helpful, and found me a good one where the pages were even on the edges. After I bought it the lady came around the counter to give me my bag with both hands, and had put a catalogue inside too. :happydance:
  11. LOL! Thats funny! :lol:
  12. I'm glad you had a good day arnott!! I too never get compliments except Q's whether my bag is real or not. haha!
  13. I put my name on the list for the Azur Speedy 25 at the LV boutique a few weeks ago, and today I put my name on the list at Holt Renfrew as well (since I got a $25 gift card there for Christmas). So whichever comes first! :devil:
  14. Thanks! My aunt from Winnipeg said that she saw someone carrying a real speedy (probably the first real Speedy she's seen in Winnipeg besides her own as she usually only see fakes) at the store the other day...she said it was a new one and the handles were still white...was that you? :lol: ;)
  15. Woohoo...:wlae: get ready to receive tons of complements with your azur..seriously!